PSHE – 3 Blue feelings

Today in PHSE we were learning about different feelings.

Take a look at our short video where the green group are talking about their feelings.

Imagine you are starting a new school.  How would you feel? Write a diary entry to describe your feelings.

6 thoughts on “PSHE – 3 Blue feelings

  1. Dear diary
    On my first day in school I thought it was scary because I couldn’t make any friends. On my first day of smart Kidz academy I felt nervous because I thought the teachers were mean.On my first day of 🕌 I felt worried because I thought I won’t know my subuck.

  2. Dear Dairy
    I feel so nervous when I’m at my new school.
    I also feel a little bit happy and a little bit sad but mostly I am feeling excited about my new, favourite school.
    Iam feeling scared because people are staying at their seats and they are staring at me.

  3. Dear Diary,
    Today is my first day at school and I am just so stressful right now!
    E.g will people play with me.When I went to school I made no friends but I am just joking it was the best day of my life!First my teachers introduced theirselves and they were very kind. Now we were going to start Basic skills and for this we did handwriting whith word ending and beginning with as .Next we did English and made are own poem.I didn’t understand so I asked someone sitting next to me and the kindly showed me what to do.Next we had math now math was hard for me because I had to sort 3D shapes and 2D shapes.Then I just rembered that my teacher said to count the faces,corners and vertices so I did and then it became easier for me to do.But then we had break and I played with a few friends who played fun games. Then we had to go back to the classroom and we finshed of our Maths.After we watched Newsround because there was few minutes till lunch.Next I had lunch and so far I was welcomed and happy.I played with a girl witha hula hoop.Finally we had art and I drew a flower and then it was home time.It was the best day of school and I really enjoyed it.

    Today I had a wonderful time at school. I met lots of new friends. And they were so nice to me they showed the whole school to me like the toilets , the dinner hall ,the sencere room and the swimming pool that I didn’t know about and much more. In maths I learnt how to multiply and divide my 8 it was hard but I tried. Then it was science and we learnt what a invertebrate and a vertebrate is. My group and red group made a poster on the ipads about vertebrate and a invertebrate is. Then it was break- time I played with my new, kind and lovely friends. AT 11:00 it was the end of play- time. It was English and we wrote a haiku about winter . A haiku has 5 syllables at the beginning 7 in the middle and 5 at the end. Here’s one I wrote in my book

    winter is coming -5

    December is when it snows-7

    time for hot coco-5

    see there is a 5-7-5 pattern. After all of this it was 12:00 this means it is lunch – time and I ate tacos chips and peas and I played with the skipping ropes it was fun . And 1:00 we made moving monsters you can see our blog soon I worked with Aamina and Marwa and painted ours and much more and at 3:15 it was hometime and it is the end of my diary entry .

    in my book

    • Dear Diary,
      I would feel really nervous when I would start school.
      I felt really worried when I was lost in Sainsbury’s.
      One of my friends are Aamina & when we met together in nursery I was really nervous,also Iqra is kinda my friend too.
      I felt really nervous when I first started Math in year 3 I had to use counters and diens I was really stressed out that day because I really didn’t really understand them. I was really happy when it was part of it was Roman day.All I had to do wasdress like a Roman from home and we even get to eat Roman Food and marched around the adventure-playground the funnest part of the day was when we had a sword fight near one of the benches. I felt really sad when I’m always lonley in the playground and necessarily when I ask for a hoola-hoop they normally say “no” I feel sad.when I did litrecey last half term when we were learning about Jumanji I felt really sorry for that girl who said “look behined you” & thats when they started to have a fight.
      I really have a tough and busy time for my life for example I’m writing my own diary entry.

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