PSHE-Communities in Year 5

This week our learning has been about the United Nations and basic ‘Human Rights’. Your challenge is to complete some extra research.  The symbols above represent peace; I would like you to choose two symbols and find out some information about them. The first image should be extremely simple as we have already completed some research about it.
After the group debates write down some of your opinions/understanding regarding articles contained in the Human Rights Act.

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  1. We have a right to educate because if we didn’t we will have no jobs and we won’t no nothing . Because for example we have to count the money and add and
    subtract it and use are mathematical calculation. And if we gave the wrong amount of money or they wanted more money and you gave them more you will lose half of your money .And we need to be free from our homes and make friends .

  2. I agree with article number 4 because we’re all equal so we should be treated the same and should think about other people as well as yourself

  3. I agree with article 2,because everyone has a right to live and no one should get treated badly,because in this country no one should be able to kill someone.

  4. The olive branches represents peace and the world map represents harmony around the world. The Star of David is cominly known as shield of God and David himself.

    I think that everybody has a right to life because that is main reason everyone was born to live is to life and nobody has more priority over others.everbody needs to have freedom because if somebody did that you would you like you like it and be imprisoned for nothing when you’re the innocent one.

  5. We have been looking at the un symbol and the leves represents pease and the world map represents the people from different country’s and the whole world.the Islam symbol means the cresnt moon and star symbol pre- dates Islam by several thosnd years .

  6. The United nations represents peace and harmony to the whole world.
    The Islam symbol represents the the moon and the star.The star represents the five pillars of Islam and peace . The pillars are:first Kalima,salah,charity,hajj and fasting.

  7. Symbol1: On the united nations flag represents peace,justice and healing for those who are effected in the war.the world in the middle represents the global countries they help.

    Symbol 2: Islam-moon and star.

    The star on the Pakistan flag represents the five pillars in Islam.the moon represents peace.

  8. We have been looking at the UN symbol and what it represents.The olive branch
    are a symbol for peace and the world.The map represents all the people and countries of the world.The White and blue are the official coulors of the United nations.

    The five-pointed star can be said to represent the give (5) pillars of Islam(1) the declaration of faith(2) the duty to pray 5 times a day(3) giving zakat, the annual charity, (4) fasting in the month of Ramadan (5) performance of Hajj, the pilgrimage.The color white is generally recognized to symbolize peace and purity, and the color green to represent prosperity and growth.

    By sana. 5R

  9. The first symbol repesents peace and the world .
    Islam the word means submission and peace . The people who are belive in Allah and Muhammad and the five pillars of Islam.

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