PSHE: Communities

This half term, in Year 3, we are learning about communities. Today we are thinking about our school community. There are a lot of people at Broad Heath, both adults and children, and everybody plays a very special role within our community.


LO: To understand what a community is.

Choose a member of the Broad Heath community then explain the role they play and why they are important.


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  1. Mrs Frankish makes sure were safe and every thing else. Graham gives the certificates out and the other stuff that are needed. Mrs Scott makes the other certificates out in the assembely but she does the singing assembelys. Mrs Rullay helps Graham take the certificates at everones classroom every Friday. The teachers which work at Broad Heath Primary school help the pupils which are the children learn at our school.

  2. Teachers are important because if there were not any, pupils could not learn.
    Their job is to make sure that pupils are doing their work correctly.also the help their students to learn and not copy.

    • Pupils are important too Louis and that’s why the teachers at Broad Heath work so hard to make everyday exciting and worthwhile. We have a super community spirit in our school and everyone that visits our school recognises this and comments on it. Keep trying hard in all that you do Louis!

  3. Well done Year 3, some great responses here to your learning. Something to think about – what is YOUR role in the Broad Heath community?

  4. Mrs Frankish role is to make sure that the people in the school are safe and make sure everybody in the school learns.Mrs Frankish is important because she is the head teacher and she takes care of people in the school.

  5. Graham’s role is to help people at lunchtime and talk to parents and solve problems and keep people to be fit and he stops people to fight,nasty words,bulling and
    He keep children healthy in lunchtime.if people fight with perants he sorts it.

    • I feel very lucky to be working in such a splendid school community Moman. Everyone at Broad Heath really understands what a community spirit is all about and we all try to support each other and to do our best for each other.
      Broad Heath really is a Community School.

  6. Graham’s role is to make sure that the playground is safe and make sure that the children are safe.He checks the children’s behaviour if it is good or not.He is important because he is in charge of safety.

    • I think all the teachers at Broad Heath work hard to make certain that all the pupils are safe, Nidhi.
      Its good too when the pupils also work as a team and support each other in all that we do.

  7. Mrs Frankish role is to make people even better in there learning and make sure they are safe .Her role is. to make sure people are not fighting and saying nasty words.Mrs Frankish is important because she is the headteacher and she takes care of the school she also has cameras and she can see what everybody is doing.

  8. MissFrankish has a important role it is to make sure the school is clean and tidy every day. She makes sure every one is safe in school and is learning well. Her job is to make the class rooms are culerfull and has learning displays.when the fire alarm is on,she make sures everyone is safe and is sensible.

    • Alisha – I think the classrooms in Broad Heath are stunning. You are right. They are colourful and the displays in all the classrooms and corridors are a credit to the teachers and pupils who work so hard to make them look so good. I know that Mrs Frankish is very, very proud of our school and our displays.

  9. I chose Graham because he tries to makes our behaviour excellent and wants us to be fit and if something bad happens he goes to your parents house and tell them something bad like he/she doesn’t were there school jumper.

    A community is people with same religion,hobbies and other things they both have the same.

    • Abdeirahman I think that we have a great community spirit at Broad Heath with everyone, pupils and staff working hard and working together. As Mrs Frankish would say, “WE ARE A TEAM!”. You keep trying hard too!>

  10. Mrs Frankish.

    Mrs Frankish is the head of Broad Heath.It is important because the head has to incurred everyone to do the right thing.she has got a camera an iPad and a computer to look if everyone is being good.Her role is to make everyone be good.

  11. Miss Frankish looks to see if the children are doing there work and looks after the wonderful things and the people.Miss Frankish looks after her responsibilities and is kind to the children.

    • Mrs Frankish feels very proud of Broad Heath Layla Jayne. She is proud of our classrooms and displays, and proud of the teachers and pupils.

  12. Mrs Frankish
    Mrs Frankish makes sure that we are safe ,healthy,respect,care and making sure we do not do anything bad and use the property badly because she spends a lot of her money and time on it so we should not waste it.
    She makes sure that we do not have stuff to ruin and mess around with all of
    the time.
    She also takes care our safety.

    • I’m sure that Mrs Frankish will feel very proud when she reads your comment Safa. She also feels very proud of our school and everyone in it.

  13. Graham-
    Graham’s role in the Community is to make sure are behaviour is fabulous he hands out citizen of the week certificates. He is in charge of the DRA a award so that nobody cheats an d says that they have five stickers when they don’t. He make’s sure that everybody in the school are healthy and fit.

    • Maleeha, I really enjoy visiting the classes on Friday to talk to everyone and to present the certificate to the “Citizen of the Week”. Mrs Rullay and me feel so proud of all the pupils in school when they clap each other and show respect. Te DRA’s too enjoy presenting their stickers to pupils who have shown great citizenship, and Mr Burgess and Mr Mountford will also be really proud and pleased with your “fitness” statement.

    • I do my best to be fair and to be truthful and honest Abdas. So if all the pupils in school try their best to be good citizens and good members of our school community then we will all be a great team!

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