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  1. 1. The EU (European Union) is a group of 28 countries and makes each country have a good, same balance of money. It is formed to end the frequent wars between neighbours. It was formed to make each country the same and have the same amount benefits. The high amounts will reduce the poverty and give wealth to needy countries.
    2. The purpose of the EU is Economic Growth of all the members’ countries. It will also make each country equal and they grow together. It will also promote peace and harmony among the EU members.
    3. Belgium, Spain, England, France, Romania, Poland, Germany, Holland, Latvia, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Hungary and Sweden.
    4. UK gets personal and business benefit. UK get trade with other countries and UK people can work and live in any EU country. The people that come to England to work they provide strong work force to UK. :)

  2. Belgium

    Belgium is the first country to participate in the EU and currently has 21 members taking part in. They have currently spent €7.209 on the EU.Belgium was in the EU at 1575 and was the first country to join.

  3. The EU was formed in the aftermath of W||. The first mission for the EU was to foster economic cooperation:the idea being that countries who trade with one another become economically interdependent and so more likely to avoid conflict.
    The purpose of the EU is to promote greater social, political and harmony amongst the countries in western Europe. There are 28 countries in the EU those include France, luexuberg, Germany and theUK. I think the EU benefits the UK because some countries in the EU trade goods to the UK making the UK a stronger country

  4. The European Union is a political economic union made up of twenty eight member states primarily in Europe . It operates through a system of intergovernmental negotiated decisions stated by the member states . With a combined population of five hundred million inhabitants or seven point three percent , it has generated a phenomenal Eighteen trillion U.S. dollars in 2014 which is why most disadvantaged countries join it .

    After the World War Two , the Europeans were determined to prevent such killing and destruction ever happening again so the council of Europe decided to create the EU ; six countries began to cooperate with each other – Germany ,France ,the Netherlands,Luxembourg, Belgium and Italy started it off .

  5. The European Union is a politico economic.There are 28 states that are located in primarily in Europe.After the world war the Eu was created.The countries that are in the EU help one another by trading economically.To be a member you must pay a certain amount of money.The countries that are located in the EU are England , Germany,France,Netherlands,Italy,Belgium and many more to name.Most Eu countries have a common curency which is called euro.

  6. The EU is a group of countries whose governments work together and it was formed after the Second world war because countries were in a bad condition.
    A lot of what the EU does is about bringing people in Europe closer together.
    It ensures that poorer countries benefits are equal.Also it tries to make it easier for Europeans to buy and sell things to each other. This is done by changing the rules that control trade.
    By Pranit and Baldeep

  7. The EU is a group of countries who’s govourments work together. After the World War II, different countries couldn’t communicate with other countries,so they made the EU and worked together. The purpose of the EU is so poor countries get benifts and everyone has the same level. The countries in the EU are : England, Germany,Spain, Portugal and Italy.
    By, Bukumi and Mihir.

  8. 1.The EU is a group of member states working together as a teams and the EU uses money to change the way people live and businesses.
    2.The purpose of the EU that the will benefit from it and good changes will be made.
    3.The countries that are involved are:
    And much more.
    4.The EU will benefit it by things that will help them and other acessories cars food.
    From Fatimah and Hasan and Mohammed S

  9. The European Union is a group of countries whose governments work together.
    The EU uses the money to change the way people live and do business.
    Each country has to pay money to be a member. They mostly do this through taxes The countries that do it are,France,Spain,Germany,uk,England,usa.There’s a big argument going on about this. It is mostly between these two groups of people.These are people who think that getting more closely involved with Europe is a bad idea.
    Some Eurosceptics feel that the UK is different from other European countries.
    They are often worried that the UK is losing its independence and identity.

    Anton,haris I,and sadia

  10. 1.The European Union is a group of countries whose governments work together.
    2.A lot of what the EU does is about bringing people in Europe closer together.
    3.The EU countries are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.
    4.We think it benifits the UK by trading things so the UK will become much more better then before because we will have some things that other countries don’t have.

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