PSHE- Healthy Food Choices

Hi Year 6,

In PSHE toady some of you had some imaginary choices to make:

If you had £50 for a week, how would you spend it to ensure you stayed fit and healthy? What temptations might there be to get in the way of your healthy lifestyle?

You did some online research to look at the cost of food and healthy living. Tell me below how you decided to spend you money. Can you give reasons for your choices?

I hope you spend your money wisely!

Miss S

13 thoughts on “PSHE- Healthy Food Choices

  1. If I had £50 note I would spend it on surgery stuff Iike sweets but not to much because it will help my blood pressure so it will keep me healthy but not too much because to much can do a lot of damage like cover and Is very dangourous so I would spend on sweets to keep mum sugar blood flowing but not to much.

  2. To stay fit and healthy you would need the five main food and some temptations might be 5 apples for two pound and chips for fifty pence I would choose the chips because it is okay to have a little sugar.

  3. If I had the choice of what to buy with a £50 pound note I would buy something sugary because, it would keep my blood pressure running in the normal way so I would buy cakes or sweets. Then I would buy something from the bakery which has fibre such as bread. I would buy some fruit like pineapple or a bag of pears to keep my healthy and energetic.

  4. If I had £50, I would buy:
    I would buy this as a high in fibre cereal for my breakfast.
    I would buy milk to give me calcium.
    This will give me protein.

    Chocolate and crisps might get in the way of a healthy lifestyle but you can still eat one occasionally. 🍫🍫.

    By Marhia 😀😀

  5. If I had the choice on what to buy with £50 I would get Pepsi ,strawberries,sweets cereal ,oranges and pizza.I would get Pepsi and sweets because having the once or twice it is good for you and you need sugar in your body.I would get strawberries and oranges because having them would keep me fit and healthy.

  6. With £50 I would get:
    Apples, a pineapple and a mango to keep my body healthy.
    Ice cream and cake but in moderation so I stay fit and healthy.
    Lasagna for dinner.
    Orange juice and apple juice so I have too much sugar.
    If you have to much sugar, you energy levels will be high, but after a few minutes they will fall down. Then you will feel like you don’t have the energy to even stand up. That is why too much sugar is bad for you but sugar in moderation will keep you healthy.

  7. If I was given a £50.00 note to put food on the table I would give a varied selection
    Such as : tomatoes,pears,bananas,smart water(12 pack),a pack of mini rolls and some cooked chicken. This is because sometimes we have to make the right choices wether it’s choosing what movie to watch at the cinema or choosing what to wear on Saturday.

  8. I would buy a Ribena drink, salmon stir fry and chocolate Hobnonbs.
    Ribena – we need to stay hidrated and it has black current in it.(Healthy.)
    Salmon – for protein (healthy)
    Hobnobs- we do need some sugar, but not a lot.(unhealthy)

  9. If I had a choice of what to buy with a fifty-pound note I would get chocolate, Pepsi, grapes, pizza, pears, milkshake (chocolate) and cereal.
    I would get pizza and Pepsi because the body needs seven percent of sugar.
    I would get pear and grapes because it will keep the body healthy.

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