Year 1 PSHE Homework Week 6

P.S.H.E Homework.

During our PSHE lessons this term. We have been thinking about new beginnings and our community.  The Year 1 team is made up of you, Miss Addie, Miss Ramsell, Miss Chahal, Mrs T, Miss Hameed and Miss Jackson.

List all of the people you can think of from our school community below. Please remember your capital letters, finger spaces (space bar) and full stops.

Tip: You could use our school website to help you find different members of our school community. Looking at Staff at School may give you some ideas. 


12 thoughts on “Year 1 PSHE Homework Week 6

  1. Miss Chahal
    Mrs Hameed
    Mr Newman
    Mrs Frankish
    Miss T
    Mrs Addie
    Miss Ramsell
    Miss Jackson
    Mr Patel
    And everyone else that works at school.

  2. Miss Chahal, Miss Hameed, Miss Begum, Miss Ramsell, Mrs Rullay, Graham, Mrs Frankish, Miss Jackson, Miss Addie, Miss T, Mrs Dahil, Mrs Begum, Mrs Mattu, Mr Harwood, Mrs Patel, Mr Patel, Mrs Readhead and lots of other people!

  3. Mrs Rullay, Mrs Frankish, Mrs Chahal, Miss Hameed, Miss Jackson, Mrs Dahil, Mrs John, Mrs Begum, Mr Newman, Mr Carter, Mrs Roberts, Mr Pye, Mrs Shergil, Mrs Webb, Mrs Raja khan, Miss Dewar, Miss T, Mrs Addie,

  4. Mrs Frankish
    Miss Dewar
    Mr Patel
    Mrs Raja- Khan
    Mrs Mahtani
    Miss Redhead
    Mrs Hult
    Miss Ahmed
    Miss Cochrane
    Mr Mashford
    Miss Hussain
    Mr Anderson
    Miss Zaib
    Miss Ransell
    Mr Pye
    Mrs Shergill
    Mr Graham
    Mrs Rullay

  5. The broad Heath community is mrs Frankish and all if the teachers and office staff and dinner ladies. Commando Joe is part of broad Heath community and our mummy’s and daddy’s and family. Everyone who comes to broad health is part of our community. At broad heath we welcome everyone and we are kind and respectful .

  6. Mrs Frankish.
    Miss Dewar.
    Mr Patel.
    Mrs Raja- Khan.
    Mrs Mahtani.
    Miss Redhead
    Mrs Hult.
    Miss Ahmed.
    Miss Cochrane.
    Mr Mashford.
    Miss Hussain.
    Mr Anderson.
    Miss Zaib.
    Miss Ransell.
    Mr Pye.
    Mrs Shergill.
    Mrs Rullay

  7. Mrs Frankish, Miss Addie, Miss Hameed, Miss Chalal, Mr Pye, Mr Wilson, Miss Zaib, Mrs Roberts, Mrs Raja-Khan, Mr Patel, Mr Carter, Miss Harrison-brandon.

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