29 thoughts on “PSHE- Opinions and Choices

  1. I don’t think computers will be good for every lesson because your eyes will hurt if you use it everyday or for too long.
    Your fingers will start to hurt because you have used it for too long and then your eyes will be a bit red because you used the computer for too long and then you will be very tired in the middle of the day. So that’s why I think using computers are bad for your eyes.

  2. Writing in a laptop is not good for your eyes and not good for your handwriting because if you try to write you don’t know how to write.

  3. Good thing.
    The good thing would be that your hands won’t hurt
    The good thing would be when you are in a little trouble a friend can help you.
    The good thing would be you can’t write.Alima Ramdeep mustafa Zaynab Harrison

  4. It can not be in every lesson your eyes 👀 will hurt 🤕 and you will get glasses.If you are on a screen for to long you will get a headache and your eyes will hurt a lot. Your eyes will start to hurt a lot.

  5. The good things about computers are your hands don’t hurt and you don’t need to write.
    The bad things about computers are you don’t now how to write and it’s not good for your eyes.

    Maryam and Arfa.

  6. Do you think computers should be used in every lesson? Why?
    We think we should use computers in every lesson except art. We should use computers because we will learn all the skills from a computer. We should do art in books because you can’t draw on computers but only on some computers you can draw on.
    From: Hamsia, Adam, Meena and Aksa

    • Khadeeja:

      I think you should use computers because you already know how to write in your books 📚 or paper 📝 but you might not know how to use the computer 💻.

    • I think we shouldn’t use computers for our learning because it is not our handwriting and we won’t get pen licenses. I also think this because too much screen is bad for us. Someone in my class broke the arm that they write with, so they use a computer.

  7. Madeeha and Joshua from 3Red.
    Using a computer 💻is fun.
    Going on a computer 💻 for so long is bad.
    If you go in the computer 💻 for long your hand writing ✍️ will be bad.
    You can cheat on a 💻 in a lesson.

  8. I think you shouldn’t use computer’s in every lesson because you can only use them for researching and ttrs. Also for education city
    Rehyan and Aiza

  9. I think that computers should be in every lesson because it will help you spell and type better.
    Computers should not be allowed also because it will hurt your eyes and you will have bad handwriting overall it should not be allowed

  10. Amina thinks that it is bad for our eye sight.
    Myiesha thinks that it is good because it teaches us more information.
    Nihal thinks that you should not use computers that much because your handwriting will be worse.
    Amina says that a computer is bad for you because you might cheat in a test.
    Myiesha says that a computer is good because for researching makes the lesson more fun.
    Nihal thinks that computers are bad because you might forget things.
    We all think as a group that we all agree that a computers are bad and good sometimes because we never know what is what it is just predicts.
    Myiesha Nihal amina.

  11. Osas : I don’t think computers should not be used in every lesson because it is bad for your eyes and you could forget how to write.It is not good for your learning and if you type something in the computer could sometimes give the wrong spelling.
    Bethany : I think computers should be used in every lesson because you could research for help and if you get it incorrect it will give you the spelling and you could learn from it!
    Aisha: I think computers should be used in every lesson because because it’s fun and you can learn a lot of things from it.It is interesting.

  12. Hi this is Red table from 3 Red.
    Anish- No because you will have worse handwriting in pencil.
    Muzzan- Yes because you will become more smart and learn from your mistakes.
    Mo- Yes because it makes the lessons more fun and when it autocorrects you will learn how to spell in in the future.

  13. Con it is bad for your eye sight.
    You could Cheat.
    You could have bad Handwriting.
    Computer is for researching.
    It makes the Lesson Even more Fun.

  14. M.Y- Computers should be used in every lesson because you could find out some definition’s.

    Khadijah- I also think computers should be used in every lesson because it makes the lesson more fun and you can research anything.

    Keyan- I also think computers should be used in every lesson because they are very fun.

    Khadijah, MuhammadY and Keyan.

  15. Inder Mahdi Afsa
    We think it is bad because you can cheat and your eye sight can go
    It is good because it is more fun .💻👩‍💻🧑‍💻

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