PSHE – Red/Orange – Week 1 Spring 2 – Choices

This half term we will be looking at making the right choices. As an initial activity I would like you to list scenarios in which sensible choices can be made:

  1. In school
  2. At home
  3. In our community

What does making the right choice mean?

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  1. 1). In school- do not break the rulers.

    2). At home-do not break plates.

    3). In our community- you should put your litter in the bins.

    I think making the right choice means doing the correct decision.

  2. In school
    If someone pushed you and you had choice to push them back or tell a teacher the sensible choice would be to tell a teacher
    At home
    If your parents band you from television you have a choice to shout at them or except it

  3. Making the right choices

    Making the right choices at school
    1)Respect all of the teachers 👨‍🏫
    2)Don’t be rude to other student👩🏼‍🎓
    3)If people are lonely 😭 and upset 😭 play with them and cheer them up
    4)If you are good 😊 at a subject and someone else isn’t and you laugh 😂 at them and make them feel bad about themselves.Next time when you don’t know something their gonna laugh 😂 at you because their good 😊 at it and your not.

    Making good 😊 choices at 🏡 home
    1)When your baby brother or sister are 😭 crying cheer them up and play with them instead of just leaving them.
    2)Respect your parents
    3)do not fight with you siblings

    Making right choices with our community
    1)don’t throw rubbish
    2)pick up rubbish

  4. In school:
    listen to the teachers
    Follow the school rules
    Be a better friend
    At home:
    Do what your parents say
    Listen to your parents
    Be helpfull

  5. making good choices in school

    Listen to your teacher
    Don’t distract any one on your table
    Don’t say mean things to others
    Don’t make fun of someone

    Making good choices at home

    Help your family
    Listen to your elder parents ,siblings or relatives
    Don’t start fights with your family

    Making good choices in community

    Put your rubish in the bin
    Follow the law

  6. In school

    Listen to o the teacher
    Respect each other
    Don’t laugh at people when they don’t no

    At home

    Listen to your pearents
    Keep your room tidy
    Don’t be rude to elders and younger people
    Dont fight your eldors

    In your community

    Don’t throw rubish on the floor
    Put rubbish in the bin
    Be nice to your neighbours

  7. In school,
    Sit nicely on the carpet and listen to the teacher who is teaching you,
    Don’t run and respect others,
    And care for others.

    At home,
    Never shout at your family,
    Care for others,
    And always follow the instructions that your family is giving you,

  8. In school
    Be kind to the other children
    Never be unkind to your teachers
    Respect and care

    At home
    Never be mean to your family
    Always care for your family
    Never shout at your whole family
    Listen to your parents
    Follow the instructions that your parents give you

  9. In school choices👨‍🏫
    Don’t talk back to the teacher.
    Respect everyone around you.
    In home choices🏠
    Respect your parents.👦🏻👩🏻
    Do not ignore them.(Your parents).
    Show your siblings if you have any,a god example,making sure they learn.
    In our community:
    Do not throw litter🚯
    Pick up litter.
    Be kind to people around you👩‍👦👨‍👦

  10. Making the right choices mean to do the correct decision for e’ct if your son wanted to go shopping with you and you wanted to go alone in peace you would choose the correct decision.
    1. Always be respectful if you are at home where ever you are
    2. Always respect people who they are
    3. Always make the right decisions
    4. Never be racist to anyone you can say peoples colours but is racist to make fun of peoples colours
    5. Never be negative 👎 always be positive 👍🏽
    6.Treat people with respect
    (In the community be respectful to everyone






    By Faheem Shah 🤡😎😀😜

  12. 😇Choices in school
    To hurt someone or tell the teacher 👨‍🏫
    To try more healthy food 🥝(and don’t judge it by its looks.)
    To laugh at someone if you know more than them or not.😀

    😇Choices at home
    In the night,if your playing on your device turn the brightness low.🖥

  13. (1)At school we can listen to our teachers and adults around us.👺👺👺👺
    (2)At home we can listen to our parents and behave
    (3)In our community don’t be rude to others don’t throw litter on the floor don’t do illegal things.Rhys🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  14. In school:
    Listen while someone else is talking
    Don’t be rude
    Be kind
    Help people
    Listen yo your teacher
    Follow the school rules

    At home:
    Help your parents if they ask you
    Listen to your parents
    Be kind
    Be helpful
    Don’t be rude

    In your community

    Help someone if they are struggling
    Pick up rubbish
    Be kind
    Be helpful
    Don’t be rude

  15. Choices:

    You could fight that person or you could tell the teacher.
    The bad choice is to fight. The good choice is to tell the teacher.

  16. In school
    1) Follow the school rules.
    2) don’t talk when other people are talking.
    3) respect everyone.

    At home
    1) listen to your pearents.
    2) keep your bedroom clean .
    3) be kind to your neighbors.

  17. 1)In school
    .listen carefully
    .do not shout out
    .work hard
    .Follow the rules
    .play nicely
    2) at home
    .go to bed early
    .listen to your parents
    .help tidy the house
    .eat sensibly
    .welcome guests
    .don’t mess around
    3)in the outdoors

  18. (1)At school we can listen to our teachers and adults around us.
    (2)At home we can listen to our parents and behave
    (3)In our community don’t be rude to others don’t throw litter on the floor don’t do illegal things.Rhys🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  19. Good choices in school
    1)In school :
    Always respect your teachers
    Do your homework
    Talk to your teacher without attitude
    2)At home :
    Respect your parents/carers/guardians.
    Do as your asked to do
    Listen to your elder siblings also.
    From Rumaysa😉

  20. 1. At school the right choices to make are:

    Always listen to the teacher and stop look and listen when asked to do.
    Do your homework.
    Don’t talk when your not asked to or if someone else is talking.

    2. At home the right choices are:
    Listen to your parents.
    Don’t be rude to siblings or anyone who comes to visit.
    Do what you are asked to do.

    3. At the comminuted right choices are:
    Don’t be rude to people on streets.
    Don’t throw litter.
    Don’t bully people on streets.

    – marihah 😋

  21. 1.In school
    You should always respect your teacher.
    You should always help and care for others.
    You should always try your best.

    2.At home
    You should never disturb your parents
    You should play for some time
    You should help your mother and father.
    You should not be rude to parents.
    You should have your bedroom tidy.

    3.In your community
    Always keep your community tidy
    Always put your rubbish in the bin

  22. In school 😍

    Respect all of the teachers ,
    Speak to the teachers carefully ,
    If somebody is hurt help them up ,
    No fighting at school and do not hurt each other

    At home 🤓

    Always eat your food ,
    Do no be naughty ,
    Do not mess up your bedroom
    Help your mum and dad

    Our community 🤑

    Do not throw rubbish on the floor ,
    Do not talk to strangers,
    Do not shout at people
    Do not hurt people

    From Lacey Omeara 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  23. In school choices
    Respect your teachers and others around you
    Don’t littter in school
    Understand your consequences
    Try your work to your best ability

    In house choices
    Respect your parents and siblings
    Listern to your parents
    Don’t hit your siblings
    Appreciate your parents work

    In reality choices
    Respect your police
    Don’t litter on the road
    Don’t talk to strangers
    Don’t rob expensive stuff
    Respect others things

  24. In school
    1. Behave
    2. Care and share
    3. Be a good friend

    At home
    1. Be respectful to everyone in your house
    2. Look after your own stuff
    3. Don’t tut or uuuh at them when they ask you to do something

    In our community
    1. Work as a team
    2. Don’t through litter on the floor
    3. Be kind to each other

  25. 1. Don’t make people sad and if they don’t known anything help them. Don’t talk with attitude
    2. If your at home make sure you still help and be helpful . Dont shout at your mum and dad
    3. Don’t shout at people and respect everyone that you see . Respect all the people aspicialy people that are older

    Mohammed janzeb 🕶

  26. In school choices😀
    Respect teachers
    Be kind to everyone

    At home 😀
    Listen to your parents
    Be respectful
    Be helpful

    In community😀
    Be helpful
    Pick up litter
    Don’t throw litter


    • In these scenarios I think these are the right choices to do in this given situations

      1.When you buy an orange juice and an apple for tuck and the juice was the last one and your friend was right before you in the line and he wanted just an orange juice and it ran out you can either.. A: give the orange juice and enjoy your apple or B: keep the orange juice and don’t bother to give it. In this given situation I would chose the answer A because it is the most sensible choice to do.

      2. If you were an adult and you had to chose your job and you had two dream jobs e.g Footballer or business man and you had no choice and if you were an business man you will get payed less I would chose footballer because I will get payed more.

  27. Making the right choice means not doing or choosing the to do the wrong choice.

    1.I school i would
    .listen to the teacher.
    .do the right thing.
    .follow the school rules.

    2.At home

    .don’t make noise when your parents are sleeping or talking.
    .don’t ignor your your parents.
    .dont talk to your parents when they are talking to somebody else.

    3.On the streets

    .Not throw rubbish on the floor.
    .Not leave your parents alone.
    Not leave your parents hands.

  28. In school good choices are..
    Be respectful,kind and good.

    In your home good Choices are…
    Listen to your parents,look after your own things and be kind to your parents.

    In the community good choices are…
    Don’t drop litter,be kind to members and be polite.

  29. In school:
    listen to the teacher
    Be kind
    Not be rude
    Follow the school rules

    At Home
    Listen to your parents
    Keep your bedroom tidy
    Don’t be rude to your next door neighbours

    In your community
    Be kind to your neighbours
    Don’t be rude to your friends
    Don’t shout at people in the community for no reason
    Don’t be rude to different people from different country’s.

  30. 1)follow the school rules.
    2)don’t make noise when your parents are sleeping and talking to you about something.
    3)do not do a league stuff or throw litter on the concert.

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