PSHE – Rights and Responsibilities

This week in PSHE Year 5 have been thinking about rules, rights and responsibilities. We have talked about the Broad Heath School Rules and the importance of making the right decisions .  In particular we have focused on our classroom rules and how to create a positive learning environment.

Broad Heath School Rules

  1. Stop, look and listen please (When asked to do so).
  2. To respect and care for all things.
  3. To give of your best.
  4. Speak to everyone respectfully.
  5. To follow instructions to the best of ability.

All of our school rules are equally important.

I would like you to think about one of the school rules and explain why it is important to you. Then, give examples of times that you have followed the rule or when you have witnessed others following it.


32 thoughts on “PSHE – Rights and Responsibilities

  1. If you use bad language at school so like your teacher or any teachers and students the teachers and children will tell the headteacher and they will end up on the traffic lights everytime you use bad language.If you hit someone on purpose you will be going to Graham or Mrs Ruley.So you always need to be good so your teacher will be impressed and you will get more friends if you don’t use bad language.

  2. 1)Share what you know,especially your ideas because miss will know how much you know about the subject and she will help you more.Also other kids learn new things from you whils sharing.
    2)being a good role model is a good rule because We expect good broadheath Citizen so people can respect each other and have good language.Also never say never.

  3. I think always being honest is the most beneficial rule because if you do a bad thing and you do not tell the truth you might be in a really big dilemma or you might be excluded from your favourite thing. However on the other hand if you do tell the truth and you also be honest you would be in less trouble and the you won’t have any dilemma. The other reason for why being honest is a really good rule is because if you be honest you will also be very well mannered and polite. You should also be honest to your friends so you don’t lose them. Also don’t lie because if you do it will could lead to a big argument. If you do lie it will catastrophe to you and everybody else.

  4. Honesty and respect

    Be respectful and you will have respect back coming to you,if you are not respectful you will have no job no job means no house,no house means poverty and homelessness and no stuff and no stuff means being a beggar TO BE CONTINUED……..:)

  5. Sam&Alishba
    Class rule one is important because if you don’t you will hurt people’s feelings and get into trouble with the teachers. It is also important because if you use bad language nobody will be your friend….. Ever because people don’t think is cool.

  6. We think the most vital rule is to be honest,because,for an instance,if a boy accidentally kicked a ball and made a crack in the window. He was asked if he had done it,he said no. Unfortunately,he had got caught. If he had been honest,he would not have got in trouble.
    If you be honest, but get in trouble,you will not be on trouble because you were honest.
    This is important,because it also helps when your a grown up.
    Being honest also will come in your life in work as well.

    Your going to benefit also might get expelled or even fired as an gron up.
    The last thing is that honest is still being responsible and respectfull.
    Mihir AND nana

  7. 1)I think being a good role model is the most important because you set examples for everyone and you always have to respect each other.It also includes being honest and sharing everything.Also you have to care and work as a team.

    2)Sharing your ideas is a important rule so the teacher knows how much you know and it proves working as a team.It shows that you participate in every group work that you do.

  8. My favourite rule is rule number two ( be a good a role model ) as , to be this rule , all of the other rules have to be followed ; put your hand up , don’t interrupt each other and always be honest are a few of the many rules and qualities everyone needs to be a good role model . In my opinion , this rule is more important than most of the others because when setting an example the other rules have to be completed .

  9. I think the most Important rule is to be a good role model because younger people which do not know,you can set a example towards them and they will start to behave the way that thay should be doing.To be a good role model,the skills you need to have are: respect one and on other,listening skills,contubuting,working as a team when asked to do so,be honest because if you don’t tell the truth at first and tell the truth after,people are going to start copying others and then know one will learn.Also you need to have respectfull language because if you give foul language,you will recuve it back and you will get into a lot of trouble from adults and then you get told of from your parents when they find out.

    Working as a team is helpful when being a good role model because work can get done quickly and then sometimes you get to do more fun reasons. But if you don’t do this you will not get treats or bricks.Also when working as a team we need to share ideas within being a good role model because if you give ideas you are able to receive ideas from other people and then you gain other information and learns more when learning.On the playground when someone is hurt and you see them don’t stand or just walk away from them,go and help them so then they can feel better.If someone is struggling in there work you could help them which means you are working as a team within being a good role model.

    Put your hand up and do not shout out because if you know the answer it is not going to benefit others learning and you won’t learn because your not listening and shouting out when asked do not bout out.
    Linda and Dylan

  10. Zade: I think the best rule is the first one (Use respectful language towards each other and adults within the school) because if you are not respecting people within the school you learn anything through life.
    Lowesha: I think the best rule I think the third rule (Alaways to be honest) because if you are not honest you wil never end up friends and you have no respect.
    Zade: I think the first reason is still the best because if you don’t give respect you won’t get it back.
    Loweash : I still the third reason is still the best because if you lie no ONE is going to be your FRIEND.

  11. I believe the most important rule out of our circle time rules,class rules and school rules is always do the work you are set because why are children in school?Will children now get good jobs in the future?Will we find more things that they didn’t know before?If you don’t do your work you will get in big trouble by your own teacher every day.If you don’t do your work and you are working as a team you won’t be helping the team by making a masterpiece and you won’t make progress.You might know lots of things that nobody in your class,family,relatives,friends and even your own community that doesn’t know.Furthermore, if you don’t do your work your community will be let down.Also you won’t get any treats,trips and certificates so you won’t make your educational life the best that it can be and making the most out of it.Morover,if you don’t do your work in school,your future will be ruined and you are going to be poor and you will beg in the streets.Addtionally, if you don’t do your work you will get in the behaviour book so you won’t get to see the pantomime.If you make this a habitat in Primary School you will get detention and your life will be a misery this is why Primary school is vital.If you do your work,you will become rich and you can do anything you want and you won’t have depression any more.If you do your work you will be setting a good example to others who don’t understand or who just came into the classroom after doing something else.If you do your work you can get a Learning brick, extra playtime, prize or many more other things to name.If you do your work you will get new equipment to use to play and learn.Some of these are skipping ropes ,climbing, swing , crayons and many more.

    Put your hand up don’t shout out is a good rule because if you shout out you will not know vital information that you will need to use for your lesson.Again you will be shouted by the teacher and might go on the traffic light or even the behaviour book!IF you shout out every day and the teacher is fed up of it you might go in the behaviohour and the Headtacher will shout at you for doing the wrong thing and you won’t get treats that you really wanted.

    Another rule is speak to everyone respectfully because if don’t speak to everyone respectfully the vistiors will think it is a bad school.If you say bad launghuage you might hurt there feelings and might end up staying in your Lunchtime.
    By Omio and Isra

  12. I think class rule number 2 (Be a good role model) is more important because it stops other people and ourselves from being bad Broad Heath citizens. The rule be a good role model also is some of the rules in one rule . Being good role model also prevents younger years acting inappropriately for year 5 standards.

  13. I think sharing ideas and working as a team is the most important rule because you earn respect from each other and be honest. This means you have the chance to be honest on your opinion. You must listen to each other care and follow instructions of the team activity.

    Always be honest
    Being honest is telling the truth so no one else gets in trouble.

  14. The Best school rule is always be honest because
    If someone be silly and accidentally broke a ruler
    And blame someone else they won’t like it so you
    And if your teacher finds out you will have to face
    The consequences will be very serious.
    (Dandandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😝
    By Hanaan and Sanaa.

  15. I think to respect and care for all things is Important to me because if that wasn’t a school rule the school will be horrible display will be on the floor it will be a mess.

  16. Stop look and listen please (when asked to do so) is the most important to me because it is the most common in school.i do it daily so I am used to doing it and seeing other classes doing stop look and listen please.

  17. I think stop look and listen is a good rule because whenever they need their pupils attention they just stop look and listen .When we are to loud the teachers just say it and everybody stops what they are doing, and listen to what instruction they’v been asked to do and they all look.

  18. To give your best because if people did not try their best then their work would be horrible and they won’t get the best future in their life. Also if you have Children they will follow in your foot steps . Also that if you have a bad career you will not have a good job and it would your reputation and your family life. If you don’t have a good job you will be poor!!😄😩😄😢

  19. Siham & Dawson
    I think speak to each over respectfully is the most important because if we did not have that important rule and everyone would be saying bad words or doing bad stuff.

  20. I think stop look and listen because you can get there attention then you can say the say the other school rules I follow this rule because if you follow this rule you will learn more and get a great education and many go university
    I have followed and tried my best to follow a rule and do it well wich is when I was 4,5,6 I had to look after my little cousin and at school I have to stop look and listen

  21. 1.)stop look and listen please is important to me because it guides me to the right path and I follow the school rules when ask to do so because if I didnt I wouldn’t know what to do.i have witnessed my friends doing very well and they say that the school rules are usefull and it I s special.

  22. Ryans rule:stop look and listen please.
    This rule is important to me because it’s the number one rule and every body obeyes it so that’s why This rule is important to me.

    Ryan and Haris.s

  23. Our rule that we are going to write about is stop look and listen (when asked to do so)We should follow this school rule when they is a fire because if we didn’t we would be in danger! We should also follow this rule because this rule is impotent to some people.We should always follow this rule the first time a teacher tells you.When you don’t follow the rules you will get in trouble.
    Aleasha and Bailey 😃😃😃

  24. I think stop look listen please is important to me because if there is a fire and we don’t know we could get injured or die and if the school is closed and no one says
    Stop look and listen you will get locked and if it was summer holidays you can die without food.
    I have followed the school rules when I was when my friend was a anoying me I ignored him and listen to my instructions if I don’t follow the instructions I will not know what to and I will be confused.

  25. Stop look and listen pleas when asked to do so this is important to me because if there was a fire in the school and the teacher said “stop look and listen please “and you were not listening then you would be in danger.I have followed the school rules by doing stop look and listen please and to follow instructions to the best of your ability and I have witnessed my friends doing all the school rules to. I have the right to learn and the right to learn and I also have the right to go to mosque also my responsibility is to look after my brother.

  26. To give of your best is important to me because this rule is like an example of all the other rules. If you are making sure you are following this rule, you are making sure you are following all the other rules because you are giving your best.

    I followed this rule, during all lessons and on the playground when I am paying a game I also follow this rule. I always play fair and let people join in with my game if the want to.

    I also see other children following this rule when they are doing sports.

  27. To follow instructions to the best of your ability is my favourite because if we never had school rules then the school and classroom will be a mess and teachers will be devastated because the children will never know what to do or how to do it.Maybe
    like when we did our tie-dye t-shirts and like the children never listened then we wouldn’t know what to do and we’ll be asking the teachers to do everything.

    If the fire bell went of then we will need to follow miss redhead’s instructions so no one will get hurt and we will be safe.

  28. To me I think that the most important school rule is stop,look and listen please because stop,look and listen please applies to all of the school applies to, follow you instructions to the best of your ability because if there was a fire in the school was on fire and the teacher said stop,look and listen please that is an instruction so you should follow it to the best of your ability.

    I had followed the rule when the fire bell set off in the school and my teacher stop,look and listen please,that got our attention and then we lined up sensibly.stop,look and listen is a very important and safe rule.

  29. The most important school rule is to speak respectfully because if someone starts learning bad words and then they say it everyone will learn it and then they will get into trouble and everyday they’ll keep on saying it.However,if someone speaks respectfully then everyone will learn it and no one will no any bad words!To add on,if you treat someone with respect,you’ll get respect back.

    From Zeid :)

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