37 thoughts on “PSHE – Week 4

  1. When someone pushing me away and hurting me ,it not nice.😤😡
    2.I take deep breath and count to ten 😌
    3.I going to my bedroom.🧘🏾‍♀️🧸🛏

  2. People feel angry for many reasons and they show their anger in different ways. The main thing is to learn ways in which you can control your anger and calm yourselves down. You have given some great tips, let’s see if you remember these tips next time you are angry!

  3. 1 I get angry when my cousin lexi hits me on the head with a umbrella ☂.
    2. Read a book.
    3. I Can tell her to have juice or somewhere quiet.

  4. 1. When they have red cheeks and a hot face
    2. People get angry when someone doesn’t want to be there friend any more.
    3.People get angry when someone hurts them.

    When someone gets angry they hurt people .
    When someone gets angry they do bad things.
    You can be calm and have a happy thought.

  5. 1. People feel angry when there faces go red .
    2.People do stuff like don’t want to talk and be alone.
    3.by controlling yourself when you’re angry.

  6. 1.when people swear, call someone silly names and bad situations
    2. Hit ,swear, kick ,punch and be mean
    3.drink water ,have timeout,watch tv,have a break,think about what you done,apologise,watch on your phone,play,stretch

  7. 1.People feel anger when someone annoys them,fights and call me names.
    2.Bad things,shout,mean things,hit,swear and punch.
    3.Time out,some time by yourself,glass of water,count too ten,go to sleep,apologies.

  8. People feel angry when they enoy us or hit us then you will feel angry .
    People feel angry when they said bad words to you or enoy you and hit you .
    I have a rest when I feel angry to make me calm down.

  9. People feel angry 😡 when someone is anoying you.
    Some people shouts and some people.
    You can count to 10 or you can breath quietly.

  10. 1. People feel angry when somebody shouts at them.
    2. Some people shout and some other people might stomp their feet.
    3. You can count to ten and you can drink some water.

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