Dear Year 4,

Hope you have learnt a lot about Citizenship this half term in PSHE, based on this learning could you please 

write a letter to the school council about things we would like to improve at school.

I will love to read your letters so make sure they are well – written!

Mrs Kiani 

19 thoughts on “PSHE – WEEK 5

  1. Dear School council
    I think year 4 chose which class they want to go in for a lesson.
    3 more swimming’s pools please.
    More fun active games and experiments.
    More days we learn about one book like book day📕.

  2. Dear school council
    I am writing a letter to you how to improve my school. I would like to have more trips because children my learn more things outside then staying in the classroom.

    The other thing was to let us have more time to be active

  3. Dear school councils

    You are getting this letter because I have ways to improve our school so we have a better environment to work in and gain more experience whith our work.

    I think we could improve our school by having More learning trips because we could see what we are learning about and it will give us more experience whith what we are learning about e.g
    1)Herbert art galaxy
    2)transport Musim

    Hope you except my request you sinsirly Luci and Sans

  4. My letter is about having more playground because it wil active us and help with our learning and hel being fit your sincerely

  5. Dear school council,

    We would like five more minutes to are lunch time
    Because I think this we are doing something fun and then we want to play another game but lunch is over.

    We would like more equipments in the playground like swings,slide,and monkeybars because we only one piece of equipment
    From yuanxuN and Renee

  6. Dear couciler
    To improve the school break times we could have a swing because we don’t have one yet. Also please could we have shorter break and lunch time because then we have more learning done instead of not having much learning.With learning could we have more trips to do with our learning.Also a bit more cooking to do please.
    So please consider my suggestion

    Your sincere.

  7. Dear school councilers

    We should go on more trips so we can learn more.
    Longer break times to play sports and get fitter.
    Have a bigger muga to use more energy.
    Have bigger chairs the right size for us.
    Go to pe for longer so we can get fitter.

    Your sinserly

  8. Dear broadheath
    I would like to have more swings,slides and climbing frames.
    I would also like more trips.
    We can make the school playground bigger.
    we can make the swimming pool bigger and also put a slide near the swimming pool so that we can just slide in the swimming pool.
    We can add longer brake times and lunch times outside.

  9. Dear councils,
    Please can we have a slide and a science room so we can do science things in side the lab room.
    We could have in broadheath is bance see castle in break Time and lunch time and we could have food in break time like chips 🍟

  10. Dear school councils
    What we like about school is that we are aloud to do swimming 🏊 we are thankful because not many schools do or have a good swimming pool 🏊

    I also like after school clubs and skills academy on Friday.

    I like football ⚽️Because it is for all broad Heath citizens.

    Uthmaan⚽️ And Abdur Rahim⚽️

  11. Dear school council,
    i would want less lessons because we have to be at school for long so I wish at science we could do more experiments

    By Rayhaan

  12. Dear school council,my class and me are thinking of ways to improv our school and here are sum.

    More experiments in science

    Football club for more years

  13. Dear school council
    I would like some improvements in our school blog I would like it to have more colour and the bit that says to gain I thought that we should change it to superstars will always gain I thick that the blogs are great but to but more colour.

  14. To school councils I want the school to be improved by football for all year groups,more choice in after school clubs,different rooms for different subjects

  15. Dear school council,

    We would like to improve our school by having three swimming pools because every class can have the same amount of time.More experience in science and we would like more clubs for after school so you can have much more fun, I also like football I want it to be more spaces for girls.

  16. Dear broad Heath school council,
    I would like to Improve that we had some activaties and games seted after lunch out side.

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