24 thoughts on “PSHE – What do you think makes someone a responsible class citizen?

  1. For being a responsible citizen results in a happy and harmonious community.To be a responsible citizen is to be sympathetic to other people such as listening to other people ideas.To be a good citizen, you need to be involved in your community. Also, a good citizen respects other people’s property.

  2. To be a good citizen you must show respect and care about other peoples learning. Also you should follow school rules share ideas of what you have and if the teacher has made an mistake you shouldn’t keep it to yourself share it with the class.

  3. You must follow the school rules and respect everyone.Also you have to care for all things and if you are a school console you need to shake the visitors hand and tell them what your learning.When the teacher says stop look and Listen you need to stop.Do not be nasty to others.do not disturb the teacher when it’s lessen time and when there in the middle of a conversation.try your best of your ability.

  4. Being kind and helpful
    following all the school rules
    Looking after each other and all things
    Speak to everyone respectfully
    Stop look and listen when asked to
    Give your best
    You should always help people

  5. Give your best.
    Care for all things.
    Be helpful to one another.
    Be nice to one another.
    Share and care.
    Try your hardest
    Be good
    Follow the school rules.
    Stop look and listen when your asked to do so
    Speak to everyone respectfully.
    To follow instructions to your of your ability.

  6. To make a good citizen is to follow instructions be respectful as well as being kind to others. To be a good citizen is to GAIN! Always smile to others. Encourage one another.
    By. Hanaan and Reece.

  7. A rollmodel in class
    I think that a good citizen is someone who is rollmodel to each other and thing
    Also I think a good rollmodel is some one who is not rude and care .
    A good rollmodel is a person who listens and helps people .
    A nother good rollmodel is a percen who shares and respectful to different rilgens and couler’s .

  8. A good citizen is somebody who respects others and does there jobs at the right time.
    To be a good citizen you should challange your brain

  9. I predict that a good citizen follows the school rules,respects someone,share there ideas with everyone,use the manners like please can you pull your chair in,be supportive,encourage children

  10. A good school citizen makes, a person which always tries to make the best of it’s learning. Always has manners to everyone . Supporting everyone and have some respect to elders.

  11. The thing that makes a great BroadHeath citizen is to be honest,share and most importantly gain progress,and support each student with care and respect.A responsible student would show manners to every single student

  12. They always tidy the table.
    They never cheat.
    We follow the school rules.
    We don’t talk over other people.
    We don’t snatch of other people.
    We don’t talk to strangers..
    No calling out.
    We help people on the playground.
    Say hello

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