40 thoughts on “PSHE – Year 2 – Week 3

  1. Albie felt worried when everyone stared at him.
    He was left out.
    It is important to treat others equally well because you can hurt their feelings.

  2. Lovely comments children! Yes Albie felt shy, scared and embarrassed when everyone stared at him. He was upset and confused when he couldn’t understand the work. The fellow alien made him feel safe and welcome by treating him kindly and that’s how we should treat others.

  3. 1.He was feeling embarassed ,inpossetive.
    2. He was feeling. Worried ,sad.
    3.because it was his first day,he didn’t no how to do spellings.

    Saee. Ismael.

  4. Albie was shy and embarrassed when all of the aliens were staring at him.

    Albie felt hopeless when he couldn’t do anything.

    It is important to treat each other equally so that we can help each other, to make friends, be kind as we all live together.

    Caterpillars group

  5. Albie feel embrassed. He was nervous when everyone stared at him
    He felt shy and lonely.

    2. He felt upset because he did not know what to do. Maybe didn’t go to school before. I think he felt frustrated.
    3. Treat everyone with respect and kind words.
    Treat others how you want to be treated.This is important.

  6. 1.Albie felt inbrased when everyone stared at him .
    2. He felt upset because he didn’t no how to spell anything.
    3. You have to treat other respectfully because if you don’t treat others respectfully they will treat you badly.

  7. We worked as a group to answer the questions .

    1. He felt very upset, sad,frightened,shocked and nervous.
    2. He felt angry and frustrated because he wanted to learn.
    Could someone help him with his spelling.
    3.To show respect and be a good Broadheath citizen.
    To share and care.

  8. 1.He might feel embarrassed,frightened and scared.
    2.Sad,bord and angry also scared because his new teacher might tell him off.
    3.Because it might make other people welcome.

  9. When everyone stared at Albie he felt shy and scared that the aliens 👽 stared at him
    When he couldn’t do his spellings he felt worried that he though that the aliens 👽 were gona eat him
    You have to treat people because it is nice for other people it cheats them up

  10. Catterpillar group working together as a group.
    Albie felt a little but scared and nervous when everyone was staring at him.
    Albie felt sad that he couldn’t do the work because it was too hard for him.
    We must treat everyone with respect and care.

  11. Brooke. Elen
    1.sad , scared, shy
    2.he fout it wasn’t fair,he felt hopeless and sad,
    3.it is important to respect every body the same say nice words,It is nice to respect Because If you be nice to them they will respect you.

  12. He felt scared and frightened.
    When he couldn’t do anything he felt worried in spelling and math.
    It’s very important to treat each other equally because we don’t become
    bad people.

    Aisha and Serina.

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