Racing car design – streamlining the body

6 Red have had an exciting afternoon working with Mr Medwell to design a streamlined body for our racing car.

Please watch the video below to see the winning design – this will be fabricated at Premier Sheet Metal ready to be attached to the frame of the car when it has been assembled.

6 Red, what have you learned about streamlining today?



  1. Yesterday I learnt about how cars are able to be drove faster. One way you can do this is by using the most lightest driver so the car can go faster rather than just be dragged across the track. Another way to make the car faster is by using carbon fibre because that is a light metal. To conclude I will like to thank mr medwell for working with us yesterday.

  2. I have learnt that if you make the body lighter the car will go faster as we have seen in the car experiment yesterday. I also learnt that if the body is sharp the car will go quicker but if it is a squared shape it will not go very fast.

  3. I thought that everyone in our class going to the STEM pod was a really fortunate event,especially in the lead up to the SATs!
    I found out that making a car more thinner and slimmer makes it more streamlined and aerodynamic. On my table,we drew on the photographs of the car’s frame. We sharpened the bonnet with pen and smooth ended the panels.

  4. I learnt that the more heavier the car is the slower it moves. Also the shapes are important because it needs to be sharp so it can be faster than other cars.

  5. I have learnt that if the car is flat,the car would be affected by the wind and would slow it down but if the car has a pointy edge the car will cut through and the car would not be affected as much.Also,the car must be light because if we use heavy materials and a heavy driver the car would go slower but if we used a lighter material such as aluminium and a light driver,the car would go faster.We created designs that we thought was the best streamlined car and created decal for the car.I had so much fun and I can’t wait to win this competition.

  6. Today I have learnt that the shape of the car is important, also the weight is important because if you have too much weight in the car it will move slower whereas if you have light weight it will go faster.

  7. I learnt that the shape of the car has to be a shape that can cut through the wing easily. As this shape will make the car go faster, the person who is driving has be light weight and small as the will have less weight on the car and also has to have more control on the car is well.

  8. I have learnt that if the car weighs more the car will go slower. Also it the weighs less the car will go quicker. The shape matters because of the triangles not giving it a flat surface.

  9. Today I have leaned about the streamlined body of the car that we are going to build.I have found out that the sharper the front of the car is the faster it can cut through the air.Also the more weight you put on the care the slower it will go.

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