RB Art Week

Our week has been colourful, creative and most of all, fun! We have explored many techniques to recreate our two focus art pieces which was The Statue of Liberty and The Headington Shark. Please enjoy watching all the skills and techniques we gained this week. 

Which did you enjoy using the most clay, paint or chalk pastels?

Who created the Headington Shark?

Can you describe The Statue of Liberty? 

8 thoughts on “RB Art Week

  1. I enjoyed making the Statue of Liberty with clay and painting it with green colour.

    John Buckley made Headington Shark.

    The Statue of Liberty it has a pointy crown 👑 and she is a very strong woman.she is holding the fire 🔥 touch.

  2. I liked making the statue of liberty i want to go and see it one day in new York .the statue of liberty is lady with a crown and she is holding fire .i think it’s colour is a bit sky blue and green .it is giant .you can walk round stairs and go up there if you want .I love art it’s really fun I’m baby Picasso because I’m really good at art and I’m going to be an artist that draws Chinese pictured

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