RB at Hatton Adventure World

We had a fantastic time at Hatton Adventure World which was packed with fun activities and learning opportunities. We were lucky enough to meet Santa and receive wonderful presents! Please see the video below. 

Which part was your favourite? 

Can you name the different animals that you saw? 

10 thoughts on “RB at Hatton Adventure World

  1. I liked the playground and swings. I loved the toy shop.
    I loved feeding the animals and loving them.

    Tbere I saw lots of animals and it was really fun. I saw pig, chicken, goats, guini pigs, sheeps, snakes and spiders. I was scared of the spider and shouting.
    I also saw Santa he gave me a present I am very happy.

  2. donkeys
    guini pigs
    a fish or lizard in water that was weird
    my favorite part was seaing santa and the guini pigs

  3. I loved the trip I liked the animals they were nice I liked touching the hamsters. santas work shop was so good there was a little elf that we got a present of ,there was loads of toys .my favourite part was when we got a present ,the slides were good and fast .we got to feed the goats and the sheep .I wanted to feed them bottles of milk .I seen snakes and snails.i liked the farm a lot ther was an adorable donkey I wanted to feed him and stroke him .

  4. My favourite part was when we got our toys from santas work shop.
    I have seen horses, rabbits, goats, sheeps. I had a worderful time and was happy I was on the nice list of santa.

  5. I liked seeing Santa and getting a present. I got the playdoh set! We got to see lots of animals like sheep and guinea pigs and snakes too! I had lots of fun.

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