RB Story Time!🐞🐝

Good morning Reception Blue! I hope everyone is okay and you are continuing to enjoy the stories I am sharing with you every week!

Today the story I would like to share with you is called β€œSuperworm” and is a lovely story that is written by Julia Donaldson! Please watch the story below and then I will have some questions for you to answer!☺️

  1. Which animals does Superworm help?
  2. Which animal takes Superworm?
  3. What does the lizard want Superworm to find?
  4. What is the animals cunning plan and why do they want to help?
  5. Can you name some rhyming words?
  6. Can you draw me a picture of Superworm? I would love to see your fantastic pictures so I can showcase them on the blog!

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  1. 1. Superworm helps frogs, bees, beetles and frogs.
    2. Crow took superworm.
    3. The lizard wants the superworm to find treasure.
    4. The cunning plan of the animals is to help the crow overload. They want to help, because the superworm is a delicate and good to eat.
    5. Rhyming words. Fork and cork. Fear and night. Cat and hat, coil and ground, discoveries and winds, double and trouble.

  2. 1. The SUPERWORM helps Frogs, Bees , Beetles, Bugs.
    2. The Crow has taken the amazing, SUPERWORM.
    3. The filthy lizard wants SUPERWORM to find buried treasure so he can get everything to himself.
    4. The animals cunning plan was to save SUPERWORM from the bad animals and they want SUPERWORM back because he was strong, fun, and entertaining.
    5. Rhyming words.

  3. 1) he helps a frog, bees and bugs.
    2) the bird
    3) treasure in the soil
    4) the plan is to get lizard trapped in a web and get the worm back because he is their friend.
    5) Grim and Him, stay and away

  4. 1. Frog, bugs and bees
    2. The Crow
    3. The treasure
    4. The animals were plan to get superworm back.
    5. Eat and treat, long and strong, lizard and wizard, night and fright, honey and funny
    6. I will draw a picture. My mum send pic.

  5. 1.Frogs and bees and bugs
    2.The Bird eats him
    3.The treasure
    4.They want to get superworm back because he is there friend
    5.Cork/fork, toad/road

  6. Superworm helps bugs frogs bees
    The bird eat the superworm
    The lizard want superworm to find treasure
    The animal plan is to get the worm back
    Rope toad cork

    • Well done Yasmin! Did you enjoy the story? Rhyming words are words that sound the same like night and fright or fork and cork πŸ‘

  7. 1. Superworm help frog, bees, beetles and toads.
    2. Crow took superworm.
    3. Lizard want superworm to find treasure.
    4. The animals cunning plan is to help superworm from the crow. They want to help because superworm is a treat and good to eat.
    5. Rhyming words. Fork and Cork. Fright and night. Cat and hat, coil and soil, finds and winds, double and trouble.
    6. I will draw a superworm and send the picture.

  8. 1.Bees,Toads and Beetles.
    2.The Crow
    4.To save Superworm
    5.Long and strong
    Toad and road
    Today and play
    Mopeand rope
    Fine and line
    Wizard and lizard
    Earnand hear.
    6. Rexford will draw a picture of superworm. I will send a picture.

  9. 1 He helps bee ,beetle, frogs and bugs.
    2 Crow and lizard.
    3 treasure
    4 their cunning plan was to throw lizard in garbage.
    5 night ,fright flower, power, fork, cork

  10. Hi’ Miss Chapman and Miss Tift
    1:)He helps 🐸 frog, 🐝 Bee, beetles and bug’s.
    2:)A 🐦 bird eats him.
    4:)To get worm back again.
    Hamida enjoyed the story 😊 and I will send you a picture of the Superworm.

  11. 1. Baby toad, bees, beetle ,bugs
    2. The black crow
    3. Treasure
    4. Bees,beetle,catapillar,snail,spider, frogs slings
    5. Double – trouble, night-fright, oak- croak
    6. Yes… give a try

  12. 1- He helps the frogs the snails the grasshoppers the beetles and bees.
    2-The crow
    4-They chew the petals and the spider weave a web so the lizard is trapped .They want to help their friend the worm.
    5-web shed
    swing-wing king
    I will draw a picture of superworm and send it in .

  13. 1 Superworm help bee 🐝 frog 🐸 slog bugs.
    2 The black bird πŸ¦…
    3The lizard wanted to find the treasure .
    4 They are planing to help the superworm because she was in trouble.
    5 Flower, power , funny, honey , Fly ,sky .
    6 I will draw superworm.

  14. 1 He helps the bees and the frogs and bugs
    2 The bird eats him up
    3 He wants him to find the treasure
    4 To bring worm back home again
    5 cork fright fork night

  15. 1. He helps bees, beetles, frogs and bugs.
    2. Crow took Superworm.
    3. Lizard wants superworm to find treasure.
    4.Frogs, slug, bees, caterpillars, and spider.
    5. Toad/road flower/power rope/mope
    6.Safwan will draw a Superworm picture.

  16. 1. He helps frogs and bees and bugs.
    2. A bird eats him all up.
    3. Treasure
    4. To get the worm back home again.
    5. Cork/fork – night/fright

    Aadam will draw a picture of Superworm and will send it in. He really enjoyed this story, thank you.

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