RB Story time!πŸ¦€

Good morning Reception Blue! I hope you have had a lovely weekend and you are ready for another fun week of Home Learning!

Today our story is called β€œ Sharing a shell” and is a lovely story that I am very familiar with. Please listen to the story below and after I will have some questions for you to answer!😊

  1. Can you list some rhyming words from the story?
  2. Why does blob help the crab by scaring the fish away?
  3. What does this story teach us?
  4. Which animals would you find at the seaside?
  5. Why did crab feel sad when he didn’t have to share his home?
  6. Can you name some activities you could do whilst at the beach?

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  1. 1) shoes and two, big and three
    2) because it’s a big crab
    3) to share and be good friends
    4) crab, fish, turtles
    5) because he was alone
    6) make a sand ditch, play in the sea.

  2. 1.a crab with no shell
    2.he wanted to eat him
    3.sharing is caring
    4.a crab,fish
    5:beacause crab was by himself
    6.i can swim,build sand castle,play at the beach

  3. 1. Cab and crab, Away and stay, Cup and tub
    2. Because he wanted to eat him.
    3. To be kind and sharing things with others.
    4. Fish, crab and sea slug.
    5. Because he felt lonely.
    6. Make sand castle, swim in the sea and finding some shells.

  4. 1 don’t be mean let me in
    Share and 🐚
    2 b because he wanted to eat him
    3 to be kind and helpful
    4 crabs ,fish ,
    5 because he wanted his own home
    6 I’ll play with the sand and get fishing .

  5. 1) shoe and two, sea and three
    2) because he is a big crab
    3) to share and be good friends
    4) crab, fish, turtles
    5) because he was by himself
    6) make sandcastle, play in the sea.

  6. 1. Share and shell, times and tap, be and me, clean and me, three and be, clean and three.
    2. Because the fish wanted to eat the crab.
    3. To be kind and friendly.
    4. Fish, crab and shark.
    5. Crab felt lonely.
    6. Swim, play with a ball and looked for treasure.

  7. 1)shell bell,tell,well
    2)Because the big fish is trying to eat all the other fishes.
    3)It is good to be kind and share with everybody.
    5)because he was by himself.
    6)when me any my brother went we looked for shells,and we had to be really careful not to step on the jellyfish because they sting you.

  8. 1:)3times Tap
    2:) Because he’s a big πŸ¦€ crab.
    3:) good πŸ‘ friend’s and share.
    4:) 🐟 Fish, Jellyfish and πŸ¦€ crabs.
    5:)He was himself.
    6:)He was Build a big sandcastle,so he can’t get out!swing in the sea,relax on the sand and finds 🐚 shells.

  9. Super answers Aadam. The idea of you burying your brother in the sand made me smile! I used to do that to my brother too! πŸ˜€πŸ‘

  10. 1. Be – Three (Aadam was unsure what rhyming words were so we spoke about this)
    2. Because he’s a big crab.
    3. To be good friends and share.
    4. Crabs, jellyfish and fish.
    5. He was my himself.
    6. Build a big sandcastle, bury Anton so he can’t get out!, swim in the sea, relax on the sand, find shells.

    Thank you Miss Tift, Aadam enjoyed this story, in his words β€œlovely”!

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