RBlue Basic Skills – 15.05.20

Good Morning Reception Blue!

This morning you are firstly going to ‘Rise and Shine’ with Just Dance after which you are going to use your observation skills to spot the differences between the two pictures below.

You will need to post your responses on the blog.

Lets see who can find the most differences!

39 thoughts on “RBlue Basic Skills – 15.05.20

  1. The leaf is orange
    The snails shell is blue
    There is a flower missing
    The mushrooms are missing
    Eva loved doing the dance moves to this is africa

  2. colour of slug is different
    1 leaf different in top picture
    frog looking different way
    mushroom missing on 2nd picture
    Lilly missing on first picture

  3. 1 In the first picture the snail is brown and the second one is blue
    The little frog is looking behind but the second one at the snail the first pic have mushrooms but the second one doesn’t in the first picture at the top is a red Yellow Leaf but the second one is green

  4. 1. The snail shell is brown in 1st pic but blue in 2nd.
    2. There are mushrooms in 1st pic but not in 2nd.
    3. The pink flower is missing in 1st pic.
    4. There is one orange leaf in 1st pic but all are green in 2nd.
    5. The frog is looking different direction in both pic.
    6. The brown snail is eating flower in 1st pic.

  5. Differences.
    The Frog is looking a different direction.
    The snail had a flower in his mouth.
    The snails shell is a different colour.
    There was a pink flower near the frogs base.
    The mushrooms are gone from the 2nd picture.
    The leaf on the tree turns a spring colour. Orange.

  6. 1. Picture 1 tree red leaf. Picture 2 haven’t.
    2. Picture 1 frog looking left while picture 2 frog looking right.
    3. Picture 1 snail is brown while picture 2 snail is blue.
    4. Picture 1 have two brown mushrooms while picture 2 haven’t
    5. Picture 2 have a pink and yellow flower while picture 1 haven’t
    6. Picture 1 have white flower in the mouth. Picture 2 haven’t.

  7. The snails shell is blue in the second picture compared to the first.
    In picture two there is a pink flower and in the first picture there is no flower.There is no mushrooms in picture one but there is mushrooms in picture two.

  8. 1 the slog has different shells brown picture 1and blue colour in picture 2 .
    2 The brown mushroom picture 1
    3 The white flower in slugs mouth in picture 1
    4 The pink flower in picture 2
    The red leaf in picture 1.

  9. Ameena spotted 6 differences
    1 pink flower missing.
    2 The snails have different coloured shells.
    3 mushrooms missing.
    4 The frog’s eyes are in different directions.
    5 One leaf has different colour.
    6 One snail holding flower in her mouth.

  10. 1:) 🐸 frog eyes different direction.
    2:)The pink flower missing.
    3:)The Mushrooms missing.
    4:)The Snail Shells are different color.
    5:)The little white flower is missing.
    6:)There are orange leaf in the picture.

  11. First picture the snail shell is red and second picture the shell is blue
    First picture there is no pink and yellow flower next to the frog but second picture there is pink and yellow flower next to the frog
    First picture there is mashroom on the grass second there is no mashroom
    First picture the tree leaves are green and one leaf is orange second picture all the leaves are green

  12. There is an orange leaf in picture one but not picture 2
    The snail shell in picture one is orange and blue in picture 2
    There are mushrooms in picture one and not in picture 2
    There is a pink flower in picture 2 and not in picture one.

  13. There are mushrooms in picture 1 but not in picture 2.
    There are orange leaf in picture 1 but not in picture 2.
    The snail in picture 1 is brown. The snail in picture 2 is blue.
    There is a big flower in picture 2 but not in picture 1.
    The brown snail has a flower close to it but the blue snail does not have.

  14. Rexford has spotted five differences.
    1.The snails shell is another colour.
    2.The little flower is missing.
    3.The red plant is missing.
    4.The pink flower is gone.
    5.There is a little white flower missing.

  15. The pink flower
    The mushroom
    The direction of the frog eyes
    The snail with a flower in her mouth
    The snail colour blue and red
    One the leaf is red changed to green

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