21 thoughts on “RBlue Basic Skills – 22.05.20

  1. picture 1 had bigger tree
    picture 2 has treasures
    picture 2 has red crab
    fish colours different
    oyster colour different
    more clouds on picture 1

  2. 1 in the first picture it’s a crab 2 in the second picture it’s not a crab 3 in the first picture it’s a brown shell in the second picture it’s a green shell 4 in the second picture it’s a chest in the first picture it’s not the chest 5 in the first picture the fish is blue 6 in the second picture the fish is yellow

  3. 1. There are 2 tree in the first pic but 1 in second.
    2. The shell colour are different in both pic.
    3. There are more cloud in first pic.
    4. Pic 1 have red flage on the ship but not on pic 2.

    5. There is treasure chest in 2nd pic but not in 1st.
    6. Fish colours are different in both pic.
    7. There is a crab in 1st pic.
    8. There is 1 silver coin in first pic.

  4. Differences.
    1.First picture includes a big Palm tree but the second picture has no big Palm tree.
    2. There are more clouds in the first picture but the second doesn’t include more clouds.
    3. The pirate ship in the first picture includes a big red long flag whereas in the second the long red flag is gone.
    4. The blue and yellow coloured fish has changed colours in the second picture where its orange and purple now.
    5. The treasure chest in the first picture has disappeared in the second picture.
    6. The coin near the treasure chest near the blue necklace has turned silver in the second picture.
    7. The seashell has turned a different colour in the second picture which is green.

  5. Sorry it was a mistake.There were 8 differences in the pictures.
    The differences are:
    -The crab
    -The colors of the shell
    -The trees
    -The colors of the shark
    -The treasure box
    -The plant
    -The clouds
    -The smoke coming out of the ship

  6. The second picture boat doesn’t have a red ribbon.
    The second picture has one tree only.
    The second picture has less clouds.
    Second picture has a orange fish and the first one has blue.
    Picture one has a brown sea shell and picture 2 has a green on.
    The chest is missing in the first picture and the crab is missing in the second picture

  7. The treasure chest is missing
    Fish is different colour
    Crab is missing
    The ship smoke is missing
    The palm tree is half missing
    Some cloud are missing
    Silver coin is missing.

  8. A tree is missing on the island.
    The shell is a different colour.
    The treasure chest is gone.
    The little fish is a different colour.
    The ship has a missing ribbon.
    There is a missing cloud.

  9. 1. Picture1 has palm tree picture 2 haven’t.
    2. Picture 1 have white cloud between the 2 white clouds. Picture 2 haven’t.
    3. Picture 1 have red string over ship picture 2 haven’t.
    4 picture 1sea shell is brown. Picture 2 Sea shell is green.
    5. Picture 1 have crab
    Picture 2 haven’t.
    6. Picture 1 fish is yellow and blue. Picture 2 fish is purple and orange.
    7. Picture 2 have treasure chest. Picture 1 sea flower.
    8. Picture 1 have purple coin at the left of the ring while picture 2 is yellow coin.

  10. First picture there is crab second picture no crab
    First picture the shell is brown second picture is green
    First picture no treasure chest second picture there is treasure chest
    First picture there is 2 trees and second picture 1 tree
    First picture the shark is blue Sacond picture is orange

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