RBlue Entrepreneur Week Home Learning 03/06/20

Good Morning Superstars! I hope you are all well and ready for more fun learning! As you all know, this week is ‘Entrepreneur Week.’

We are learning about a famous entrepreneur called, William Hamley. He founded a very famous toy shop!

Today, we will be learning about money! Without money, you wouldn’t be able to buy anything!
As always, go through the flip chart and complete the work set for your colour group.

Watch the video to help you.

Red Group.

Orange and Yellow Group.

Blue and Green Group.

Let me know how you get on by leaving a comment. Remember to send some pictures to bhearlyyears@broadheath.coventry.sch.uk

33 thoughts on “RBlue Entrepreneur Week Home Learning 03/06/20

    • Well done Ameena! You can watch the video and familiarise yourself with the different coin values! Look out for your work on the blog later!😊👍

  1. Safwan completed it in his homework book. He has good general understanding of the money concept but do not know all the coins yet. We will send the pictures.

    • Safwan you have tried very hard to identify the coins. They can be a little tricky as some are the same colour but can be a different size and shape.

  2. Mustafa has completed this task. Mustafa can recognise 1p ,2p and he can add them . He gets confused with 5p and 10p . But we practising this at home by making small shop. He counted first four jars himself but with 5th and 6th jar I helped him.

  3. We have completed this task together. Aadam didn’t really understand the concept of different monetary values, we will continue to work on this. Photo to follow

    • Well done Aadam a having a go at understanding the value of the coin as this can be very tricky to begin with.

      How about using a 2 pence or a 5 pence coin and counting five 1 pence coins or even objects to represent it as the concept of quantity to numeral.

      I have added a number video to the learning blog that may help you also.

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