RBlue Home Learning – Maths – 13/05/20

Hi superstars! I hope you are all well and keeping safe.
Today, for Maths, you will be learning about measuring distance.

As always, go through the flip chart and discuss what you can see on each slide.
For today’s activity, I would like you learn through having lots of fun!

As always, please leave a comment to let us know how you got on or indeed, if you have any questions. Many thanks 😃

29 thoughts on “RBlue Home Learning – Maths – 13/05/20

  1. Tinuola have completed the tasks and picture sent. Tinuola jumped with her daddy. And daddy jumped further. She was not happy for her dad for winning her.

  2. Hishaam has completed the starter activity and the jumping test, Hishaam and mum did the jump test with Hishaam jumping the furthest each time. He enjoyed the jumping exercise.

  3. Rayan and his brother were jumping togeather Rayan brother jumped the furthest 3 times and Rayan jumped the furthest 2 times.Rayan said this is fun.

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