RBlue Home Learning – My Community 11.05.20

Last week for PSHE, you looked at what we can do to help our Class Community.

Today, you will be thinking about the different places from around the world that our Class Community come from.

Go through the flip below and discuss with a grown up about the Country, City and place that you live in and the different places from ‘Around the World’ that your family come from.

Please send your short videos about yourself to bhearlyyears@broadheath.coventry.sch.uk

25 thoughts on “RBlue Home Learning – My Community 11.05.20

  1. i live in foleshill, coventry, england.
    i come from sylhet, bangladesh.
    i speak bengali and english.
    i like to eat chicken korma with rice and mishti (indian sweets)

    • Well done Eva. 👍 Try to do the activities that are set each day and send us some pictures of your super work. We would love to be able to put them on the blog😀

    • I live in Coventry
      My family is from Albania 🇦🇱
      I spike English and Albania language at home .
      Our traditional clothes are white hat .wihite jumper and black and white and black trousers.
      I eat at home Supe, salad,fish and chips spaghetti etc.
      I celebrated Eid,New year.

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