RBlue Home Learning – Physical Fitness 14/05/20

Hi everybody😊 Today we are going to get busy and active.

First let’s warm up. Watch the video below and get moving!

Now practise as many of the following activities as you can from the flip chart below.

Challenge: Can you create an obstacle course where you travel using different methods?

Please send your photos or short video clips to : bhearlyyears@broadheath.coventry. sch.uk

12 thoughts on “RBlue Home Learning – Physical Fitness 14/05/20

  1. Hishaam enjoyed the activities. We threw a ball into the basket from a distance 10 time’s, We threw the ball to each other and caught it 23 times in one minute, hishaam ran the length of the garden 16 time’s in a minute and we finished off with some star jumps.

  2. Rayan bounced the ball 7 times and Rayan pass and catched the ball with his brother 11 times.Rayan enjoyed this activity Rayan said he had lots of fun.

      • That’s great Imaad, glad that you enjoyed the activity. It would be lovely to see a picture or video of you completing this task. 😊
        Please can I also remind you that there are 3 daily home learning blogs that we would like to complete and comment on. Do make sure you log on everyday and catch up with the other blogs too. 👍

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