RWhite Home Learning – Topic 13/05/20

Hello everybody, hope you are all well😊. We are going to continue with our learning on Minibeasts and Growth.

Today we are going to go on a minibeast hunt in our house or outdoor area. Last week, Mrs Dahil went out in her garden to see what she could find.

Watch the video below to remind yourself of what she spotted!

Using your observational skills and knowledge of minibeasts go and explore your indoor and outdoor environment. 🔍

Go through the flip below to remind yourselves of the different minibeasts to look out . If you have already done the minibeast hunt last week then you need to complete the minibeast hotel activity.

If you have not done the minibeast hunt last week you will need to do this first and then create ‘Minibeast Hotel’.

We look forward to seeing your pictures and videos. Please send to bhearlyyears@broadheath.coventry.

21 thoughts on “RWhite Home Learning – Topic 13/05/20

  1. We made another bug hunt list. And we spent most of the day making and decorating my hotel. I used gems and glitter so the bugs can see the hotel at night. Pictures will be sent later along with my other work.

  2. I went for mini beast hunt in my garden and I found :
    2 spider, one was dark brown with small legs and one was light brown with really long legs.
    Small butterfly

  3. I found a dragon fly, a spider ,ants, a worm and flies.
    I found ants the most when I went outside.
    I have drew the pictures and labelled them.

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