RE (Christianity) – Easter

The children in Year 3 have been learning lots this half term about the events that lead up to the Christian event known as Easter. In their final week of this module, they have been challenged to sequence all of the events leading up to Holy Week.

Learning objective: To sequence the events of Holy Week.                download

Retell the events leading up to Holy Week using complex sentences.

Key words: Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Jesus, Judas, disciples.

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  1. Palmsunday
    On Palm sunday Jeasus came to the town of jruselum they waved huge Palm trees at him because he was a special person.They put clean carpet’s there. For the cammel that Jesus was on that time they all respected him

    • Mandy Thursday
      It was sad on Mandy Thursday because Jesus died.
      Jesus told the truth because the people where making shops in the church!Jesus went really angry and kicked them out.Jesus told the truth that they were making shops in the church.They could not take the truth so they decided to kill him…They nailed his feet and hand on a cross and made him drag the cross all though the town…they left him in the sun and he died.

  2. In the Holy Week, first it is Palm Sunday and thats when Jesus rode into Jurusilam.
    Then it is Maundy Thursday and that is the second thing.

  3. Palm sunday means when Jesus comes to Jerusalem,and people were happy and surprised.Maundy thursday is when Jesus’s disciples ate dinner with Jesus.

  4. During Palm Sunday,the people in Juruslem praised Jesus. The Jews put leafs on the crispy floor.Maundy Thursday Is the day after Palm Sunday.Good Friday is ,when Jesus was on the cross and died. Then it was Easter.

  5. The key events on the Holy Week are PalmSunday,MaundyThursday,GoodFriday and EasterSunday.

    On Palm Sunday ,Jesus came to Jerusurlum there was a big crowds who layer there clothes so the donkeys feet did not get dirty also they waved Palm leaves. It is called PalmSunday because the Jews waved Palms.That time they all respected him.

    On MaundyThursday Jesus called his disciples including Judus to come as tomorrow it would be his last day. When they came he gave the wine and said “this is my blood”.Then he gave them bread and said “this is my body “.Also on this day Judus was betraying him.

  6. 1. When people heard Jesus was coming they layed their coats and Palm Leefs on Palm Sunday.
    2.On Maundy Thursday Jesus went to tell his disciples to have a picnic called the Last Supper.
    3.On Good Friday Jesus got killed by the Roman Guards because Judas thought that on Maundy Thursday Jesus was talking about him.

  7. Palm Sunday: On Palm Sunday Jesus rode the donkey to Jerusalum, while Jesuses friends lay Down their clothes so He won’t get dirty instead. He healed people who were sick and they believed He was the son of God.

    Maundy Thursday:
    Maundy Thursday Jesus had a feast for all His friends and Jesus said drink this its my blood eat this it is my body because Jesus knew someone betrayed Him!

  8. PALM Sunday Jesus rode a donkey to Jerusalem the villagers waved palms at Jesus and put palms on the path.
    MAUNDY Thursday Jesus eats with his disciples and tells them one of you betrays me.

  9. Palm Sunday

    While Jesus was walking,people started to put there jackets on the ground so Jesus doesn’t get dirty.As Jesus was passing, people started to follow him.

    Mandy Thursday

    Jesus was having the last supper. He said “drink my blood.”he said to the desiples.

  10. Palm Sunday: On Palm Sunday Jesus rode a donkey and went to Jeruselem to see the people to make respect to Him. While Jdays arrived,the people put Palm leafs on the floor . But they put there coats/jumpers because He doesen’tget dirty.
    Maundy Thursday: On Maundy Thursday they have a feast.

  11. .palm sunday
    .Maundy Thursday
    .Good Friday
    . Easter Sunday
    Palm Sunday
    On Palm Sunday the Villegers waved Palm leves to welcome Jesus , but the Romans did not like it because they wanted all the tension on them.

  12. Palm Sunday is when the people had layed Palm leafs and also clothes
    to welcome Jesus so that he feels like it is his own house with respect from
    the Juruslem .
    Maundy Thursday was the time when Jesus had given the disciples his blood
    to drink and a special bread given from Jesus but Judus who was one of the
    disciples betrayed Jesus and also had killed him with nails in his feet and
    hands so that he is stuck on the cross.
    On Good Friday Jesus was put in a tomb and Judus had rolled a huge, massive stone so that he couldn’t come alive again but one day he came alive and he was sent to heaven.

  13. .palm Sunday
    Palm Sunday is when Jesus comes to town in Jerusalem,on a grey funny looking donkey. And when Christians spread their jumpers,jackets and coats on the so he doesn’t get dirty.
    .maundy Thursday
    Maundy Thursday is when Jesus had his last supper with his disciples, Jesus knew one of his disciples was going to kill him. And he knew he was going to die so he blessed the wine and said to one of his disciples “drink this wine this is my blood” then he picked up the bread and said “eat this it is my body.

  14. 1.palm Sunday
    2.maundy Thursday
    3.Good Friday
    4.Easter Sunday
    It is called Palm Sunday because when Jesus came and the villergers were waving palms and laying them on the floor.
    They call it Maundy Thursday because Jesus new one of his friends were going to betray him and he new he was going to die.

  15. First it was Palm Sunday then it was Maundy Thursday then Good Friday and the last one is Easter Sunday.
    It is called Palm Sunday because Christian’s wave Palm leaf’s.
    It is called Maundy Thursday because it was the Last Supper.
    It is called Good Friday because that is when Jesus died on the cross.
    It is called Easter Sunday because Christian are happy and Jesusis alive on Easter Sunday

  16. First Jesus came to Jurusilam and they welcome him, although it was Palm sunday.

    Second it was Maundy Thursday which is the last supper.

    Third it was Good Friday when Jesus was crucified on the cross

    Fourth it was Easter Sunday when he came to life so his woman friends and saw a Angel and told them don’t worry Jesus is alive and the Angel told them to tell the disciples Jesus is alive.

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