Reading Champion challenge Autumn 2


Hi year 5 here is your reading challenge for Autumn 2 .

Answer the following question after reading your book. This can be either reading book or book from the library.

1 Who are the characters in the story?

2 Summarise the main events in the story.

3 How does the main character feel in the book? How do you know?

4 What other words could the author use to describe the main character?

5 why has the character acted in the way they have? What clues suggest this?

Please write the name  and author of the book before answering questions.

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Autumn 2 reading champion is Sean


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  1. Name of The Book: Caddy Ever After

    Author: Hilary McKay


    * Indigo
    * Caddy
    * Rose
    * Saffron
    * Sarah
    * Mum
    * Dad ( Darling Bill )

    Summary of the book:

    Love is in the air for the Casson Family! Four hilarious, endearing tales unfold as Rose, Caddy, Indigo and Saffy each reveal their intertwining stories. Rose begins on how she does special with her Valentines Card for Tom who lives in New York. Not to be outdone, Indigo has his own surprise in store for the Valentines disco in school. For her part Saffy has an unusual date, in a very, very dark graveyard and is haunted by a balloon which nearly costs the life of her friend. But is Caddy (Main character) who dares everything – as she tells all about love at first sight and when you actually have found the real thing… Unfortunately their ” dream” date is not the Real thing. Now what will they do…?

    Q1: How does the main character feel in the book? How do you know?

    The main character in the book is Caddy. She actually came a bit later in the book, but she after she turned up and appeared in the book she was the main character. So Caddy felt confident and proud of herself, probably because she was proud to look after her younger siblings. I can identify this feeling because of the words written in the text. Here are a few examples…

    * ” Whatever you say, I’m your ‘ younger ‘ mother ”

    * ” You are my brothers and sisters and I am a proud person because of that ”

    * ” I love you guys to the moon and back ”

    With these words spoken by Caddy you would understand the mood/feeling that was not only to be proud and confident, but to be fortunate for her siblings. Together there was a mixed reaction or you could say a ‘ twist ‘ with the feelings. This is because Caddy loved her family but she couldn’t express or show that feeling to public or her friends. In this moment in time of the book, Caddy would’ve felt embarrassed or ashamed of her siblings ( especially the younger ones )

    Q2: What other words could the author have use to describe the main character?

    In this book there were a few improvements to make and add to the book .

    Words she could’ve use for Caddy:


    Synonyms for boring words… ( bad, sad, happy, big, small )

    Grief – stricken
    Small scale

    Q3: Why has the character acted in this way? What clues suggest this?
    In this question my character will be Rose because there is a certain part where there is lots of evidence about that main subject.

    In the morning when Rose was making Valentines Day cards on the kitchen table, her sisters friend came up and asked what she was doing. She answered back by saying ” Making Valentines Day Cards for all the boys ” Sarah reacts and says that if you only love Tom, why are you making cards for everybody in your class. Rose says that they are actually all only for Tom…

    This paragraph in the story suggests that Rose is only making them for Tom and she doesn’t want anybody to know it. There is a sentence where it is hidden, which is the last sentence. This suggests that Rose is trying to act in this particular way. She acted this way because she wants nobody to know who her true love actually is.


  2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid

    Name of the author:

    Jeff Kinney

    1 Who are the characters in the story?

    The characters in my book “Diary of a Wimpy Kid ,THE LAST STRAW” are

    -Holly Hills
    -Mr Snella
    -Mrs Snella
    -Whirley Street Kids
    -Lenwood Heath
    -Mr Shropsharp
    -Mr Warren
    -Albert Sandy
    -Mr Litch
    -Mr Ray
    -Mrs Mancy
    -Mr Phillips
    -Nurse Powell
    -Mr Underwood
    -Mr Barrett

    2 Summarise the main events in the story.

    Greg (main character) tries to make some new year resolutions but fails as he believes he is one of the best people he knows. However his Dad thinks differently. He wants Greg to change his Wimpy ways, toughen up and enlist in some “manly” endeavours and when he threatens to send Greg to Military Academy he needs to shape up……or ship out.

    3 How does the main character feel in the book? How do you know?

    At the start,Greg feels as if he could buy the universe. He, also feels generous,kind,benevolent,lavish,
    considerate,charitable, good,kind,hospitable,tolerant,
    reasonable,plentiful,giving,big-hearted and kind-hearted. I know this as Greg refers to himself as “one of the best people he knows.”

    In the middle of the story, Greg feels aware if his action.He then feels ignorant,illiterate,birdbrained,oblivious,naive,stone-hearted,obtuse,uneducated,cold-hearted,uninformed,cruel,crude,impolite,insulting,intrusive,survey,vulgar and obscene. I know this because Greg’s Mum says he “should stop beings so rude to others even if they are smaller in age or size.”

    Finally,at the end Greg falls in love he is lovesick and feels erotic,romantic,amorous,amative,aphrodisiac,passionate,ardent and avid. I know this as Greg dreams of marrying the new girl(Trista)

    4 What other words could the author use to describe the main character?

    The words the author used to describe Greg were…


    Synonyms the author could of used are…

    -Charitable or Lavish
    -Outstanding or Terrific

    5 Why has the character acted in the way they have? What clues suggest this?

    In my book the main character acts as if he is divine or the King. I am lead to believe he acts this ways as he has very high standards and he believes his friends do not add up to his standards,that is why he acts that way

  3. The characters in my book are….
    . Dogsbreath

    Name of the book
    How to rude a dragons storm

    The main events are when hiccup and his friends and parents go out for a swimming compettion someone tricks hiccup and his friend guardians into losing the race hiccup and his friends are kidnapped and about to be killed but hiccup saves them temporarily then he wakes up a large Dragon and the Dragon tries to eat him he saves himself and his parents from getting killed

    The main character is hiccup he mainly feels unlucky “HE S GOING TO Kill US ALL “I think that because of that statement

  4. Name of Book?

    The name of this book is golden goal

    Authors name?
    Dan Freeddman.

    Summarise the main events in the story?

    The main events in this book is when Jamies teammate kicked him on the head. Then he lost his his memory from the last month. Later on that year he was able to play football again.

    How does the main character feel in the book? How do you know?

    The main character is joyful and upset. Jamie is joyful because he is better after his injury and he is unhappy because because he couldn’t play for 6 months.

    What other words could the author use to describe the main character?

    I think the author described the main character so perfect he doesn’t need to change anything.

    why has the character acted in the way they have? What clues suggest this?

    The character acted joyful and unhappy. Clues suggested this when he had his injury and when he could play again.

  5. Name of Book:The getaway
    Name of author: Jeff kinney

    1)The characters in this book is:Dad,Greg,Rodrick,Manny,Mum,Rodrick’s girlfriend.
    2)the main events were they couldn’t stand of the cold in that country so they flied in a plane to another country.

    3)The main characters feels sad of moving out and he hates the country,because i READ the book.

    4) By saying why does greg hate the country?

    5)Because hes written this book of what happens in his through out of his and he acted this way because he just loves his country not other countries.

  6. 1. The characters In my book is ; Gregory, Rodrick, Manny, Mom, Dad, Silas Scratch and Mr. Jefferson.

    2. First, Greg ruins his dad’s car. Then he tries to leave by going to a school trip last minute, then he hears rumours about ‘Silas Scratch’. Then he finds out that his dad made that rumour when he went to the trip when he was a kid.

    3. Greg feels scared, then disgusted and then relieved.

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