Reading Gladiators

You have all completed so great work around the book ”The thing about Jellyfish”

You all wrote a short extract which could be added into the story and you were tasked to read it out loud using expression and intonations. Have a listen to your work below.

Our new book is ”A Story Like The Wind” written by Gill Lewis

Please can you answer the following questions in your books using inference.

1 What can you infer from the phrase ” A boy slowly spinning through space”?

2 The phrase “maybe this is what it is like to die and to die”. what can you infer from this?
3 The phrase ” Their arms wrapped around their two young children”

4 thoughts on “Reading Gladiators

  1. It could be representing someone who is lost and might be trying to find its way out.
    It could be to keep them safe or comforted since they are all in one small dinghy and there only children.

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