Reading in RP

At Stay and Play today we shared this book together. Can you read any of the words? Can you spot any red words? What is the title? What happens at the beginning? In the middle? At the end? Why did the snow melt? Have you ever made a snowman?

Can you write a sentence about how the snow feels? Is it hot? Is it cold? How does it make you feel?

2 thoughts on “Reading in RP

  1. The title is Melting Snow.
    In the beginning it was snowing and everybody wanted to make a snowman.
    In the middle the snowman got bigger and bigger
    In the end everyone had a little snowman and they all melted away.
    The snow melted because the sun came out and it was raining.
    Yes I made a snowman before when it was snowing.
    The snow feels soft,and it makes me cold.

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