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Reading Snaps 📷

Hello Six Blue, below are photos from some of our current super readers. The aim of your photo is to share your passion and love for reading. Where do you enjoy reading? Who do you read with/to? What do you enjoy reading?

We will be displaying these in our class reading corner.
(Those of you who haven’t sent your pictures yet please get them in ASAP.)


10 thoughts on “Reading Snaps 📷

  1. You have the best class and all who was in your class they were really luck and the we were the best class.Also u are the best teacher. I really miss everyone so much. You class are so lucky to have u as their teacher.

  2. I have received Qasims cool reading picture, I’m awaiting everyone else’s reading photos.

    Some parents have offered to print the photographs of their own children at home, so I can add these to our class reading display.

    If parents/carers could bring their device to school we can airdrop them to my school ipad.

    Parent/carers also have the option to send their child’s photo on a memory stick- I can return this the same day.

    Furthermore, if parents wish to email the photo from their device please email Mrs Raja-Khan on the following email address;

    Thank you Six Blue

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