Reception are visiting the Transport Museum.

Our topic for  this half term is ‘Travel’. We are so excited! On Thursday afternoon we are travelling by foot to the Transport Museum to investigate different ways of travelling and to see how travel has changed over time.  We will be back at school for 3 pm.

transport museum


Here are some of the vehicles to look out for …

Copy of wiki 008bikecars

5 thoughts on “Reception are visiting the Transport Museum.

  1. Transport Museum:

    I really enjoyed the visit to the fantastic Transport Museum, I saw a lot of different types of cars, bicycles. I saw old and new cars, such as Jaguar and Land Rover.

    I was amazed to see a Penny Farthing, it has a massive front wheel with an small one at the back. I want to thank everyone who helped organise the visits.

  2. I liked the silver car. Thanks for a lovely day. I had fun in the transport museum. I loved it there and I was excited about it. It was hot and sunny. I loved the sun.

  3. I am so sad that I was unable to be with you all today when you visited the Transport Museum but I am really looking forward to reading all your blogs about how you got there, what you saw and which was the best bit. Missing you all xx

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