Reception Basic Skills – Morning Routine (01.03.21)

Morning Reception!

Today during Basics Skills we are looking at our morning routine thinking about what we need to in the morning especially as we will be returning back to school soon.

Look at the learning video below and follow Mrs Dahil’s sons morning school routine before he goes to school.

Make a short video or take pictures of your morning routine showing us how you would get ready for school and upload via you class links below. Please comment on the blog to inform us that you have completed and uploaded your learning.

Reception Red – Click Here

Reception Blue – Click Here

Reception White – Click Here


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  1. Auroras morning routine:
    Wake up and get out of bed
    Brushes her teeth
    Gets dressed into school uniform
    Eats breakfast at the dining table
    Then puts shoes on and coat
    Walks to school or sometimes we drive

  2. 1. I wake up
    2. Brush my teeth
    3. Get dressed
    4. Go down stairs and eat my breakfast
    5. Get my shoes and coat on.
    6. And walk to school with my mummy and sister

    • Well done Amelia, you are aware of your morning routine! Are you excited to be coming back to school on 8th March? I look forward to seeing your smiley face. πŸ™‚

  3. 1. I wake up
    2. I brush my teeth
    3. Brush my hair
    4. I wear my school clothes
    5. I eat my breakfast
    6. I get ready for school
    7. I go in my dad’s car

    • Brilliant morning routine Aqsa you have excellent manners and tidying up skills.

      Good use of vocabulary when you described what you were doing.

      Well done