Reception Blue 3D dragons

Home work this week in Reception was a multi choice. The children were asked to complete 2 task and here are some of the fantastic pieces of work they brought in today.

4 responses to “Reception Blue 3D dragons”

  1. Mrs Dahil

    I really loved the dragon models that were made.

    Well done everyone!

  2. Kamil Nkundabagenzi

    I really liked this week homework because it was very fun to do.I love researching with my family we all learned something new.But my favorite thing was making the dragon I had help from my family.

  3. Ayaan Masood

    I like my dragon. I had a lots of fun to make it with my mom. I also draw a picture of dragon and describe it. Good try everyone.

  4. Head Teacher

    Some great designs, like how they are all different.

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