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Reception Blue at the farm

Today Reception Blue went to Hatton Farm. It was a fantastic experience for all the children. We did lots of activities that included driving JCBs, seeing animals, feeding animals, playing in the soft play area and meeting Santa clause in his grotto he even let us a take a present from his workshop. It was such a great day and experience please watch our video below and see what we got up to.


Can you comment what your favourite part was? 

18 thoughts on “Reception Blue at the farm

  1. I had so much fun at the farm and loved feeding the animals. I liked everything there! Thank you for taking me! I picked a doctors set for my present because I want to be a doctor.

  2. It was lovely to seeing animal at farm. I was enjoyed a lot. I like rides it’s very high. Thank u Mr Pye, Mr’s Robert and Mr’s Frankish to arrange a mind blowing trip for us.

  3. It was lovely seeing the vlog at the farm with children from reception. Me and Zahraa really enjoyed watching it together. There was so much smiles & laughter. She was very pleased to see her friends taking part in the activities along side her. Coming back from a brilliant trip just made her day. Thank you for making my daughters day out to the farm memorable.

  4. My favourite thing was:feeding the animals,See Santa Clause and play in the soft play area.I really enjoyed my transformer toy for Santa . I loved building it up.Am always playing with it when have a bit of time.I was AMAZING experiences.
    Thank you Mr Pye, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Frankish.😄😀👦

  5. We feed the goats, sheep who want to eat. We don’t feed the donkey because it make his tummy poorly. We eat tasty sandwich. I go on the coach to see animals.

  6. WOW you sure had a good time there I am sure that my sister enjoyed it she had a book and a pen with storage the best thing was nothing would get lost because it was all in one. I have a trip tomorrow were going to the black country museum I am really looking forewad to see the mine.

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