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  1. They have six legs.
    They like juicy flower.
    My favorite part is when the butterfly landed on my shoulder, it tickled my shoulder and then flew away.

  2. Butterflies have 6 legs.
    They eat leaves and they drink flower juice.
    I loved playing in the park and like to see butterflies in the farm.
    I had a great time in the farm, I was enjoyed so much.

  3. Butterflies have six legs they are insects.
    Butterflies like to have nectar from the flowers and juice from the fruit.
    I liked looking at the butterflies in the farm and loved playing in the park with my friends.🦋

  4. Reception Blue had such a fun and exciting day at the Butterfly Farm. The lady was so impressed with how much we already knew about butterflies and their life cycle. So proud of your behavior and good manners too. Well done.😊

  5. Certainly looks like you had a great time. Thanks to all the teachers and staff who go that extra mile for these children. Loving the sand and the zip wire.