🌟 Reception Blue Homework Gallery Week 4! 🌟

Hello Reception Blue! Welcome to your super home learning gallery. This is where all of your super pictures and videos will be shown! Remember your homework needs to be sent in by Wednesdays!

Maths Homework Week 4: Make a pictorial number line

Literacy Homework Week 4: Make a alphabet strip m-z

WOW Homework Week 4: Practice our Nativity Songs

Maths Week 3: To draw shapes and talk about them

Literacy Week 3: To complete Education City Phonics game

WOW Homework Week 3: To draw a picture of an animal that hibernates

Maths Week 2: To complete Education City game

Literacy Week 2: Make an alphabet strip

WOW Homework Week 2: To build a den

Maths Week 1: To make a rocket

Literacy Week 1: To write your name

WOW Homework Week 1: To put on your coat and zip it up

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  1. Well done to everybody for sending in photos and videos of your amazing homework. We are so proud of you. πŸ‘πŸΌ
    Keep it up and keep gaining!😊

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