Reception Blue Homework – Week 3

Hello Reception Superstars!

Each week you will be set an online piece of homework. You will need to complete the Math’s and Literacy homework in your homework books and send a photo in. Also, we have a special ‘WOW’ homework for all those excited to always explore more! The homework will be set every Friday and needs to be completed by Wednesday of the following week.

Mathematics Homework

Please click in the Education City Link below and complete the online Paper Shapes Homework. Your username and password is in your reading diaries.

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EducationCity: Primary Teaching Resources and Educational Games

Literacy Homework

To practice your letter formation that is in your homework books. Use the flip below to help guide you.

Remember to keep practising to write your name.

WOW Homework

In your homework books, draw a picture of animal that hibernates in the winter. If you want to be creative you can make an hibernating animal for which see the ideas below.

A prize will be given to anyone who completes the WOW homework.

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We are looking forward to receiving pictures of your homework. Please send your homework to the email address below and comment on the blog to inform us that you have completed the homework.


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  1. Kayla has completed her maths homework on education city and has also completed her Literacy homework/letter formation in her homework book and has completed the wow homework and sent via email.

    • Kayla you are a star, I can see that you are trying very hard with your letter and number formation.

      Keep practicing your name and numbers ๐ŸŒŸ

    • Mirr you are a superstar โญ๏ธ

      Please can you send a picture of your homework so that we can upload onto our class homework blog.

  2. Waniya complete math homework education city
    And literacy homework
    She practise her name is well
    She started practicing formation letter when she completed send u.

  3. Huzaifa has done his Mathโ€™s homework (paper shapes) on education city but I am not sure it has been sent or not, if you please could let me know. Thank you!