Reception Blue Spring 1 Portfolio!⭐️

In this blog, we will be showcasing the children’s best work they have completed for different subjects in Spring 1.

Well done to the children who have produced these fantastic pieces of work during the half term.


Literacy(reading and writing)


Communicationand Langauge,PSED,PD

Online Learning Champion

Blogger of the term

Huzaifa is our blogger of the term as he has consistently been completing home learning and we can see the fantastic progress he is making!

4 thoughts on “Reception Blue Spring 1 Portfolio!⭐️

  1. Thank you teachers Bilal is thrilled to see he’s one of the online learning champion.
    Congratulations to everyone!!
    Super portfolio and amazing pieces of work from all the children! Thank you to all teachers for the support. 😁

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