Reception Blue visit 1 Blue

Wow. We had a great transition day today! Reception Blue came to visit 1 Blue and worked with Miss Addie and Mrs Mattu.

We played games to get to know each other, made our own class rules and thought about our aspirations for Year 1.

The children really enjoyed their time in Year 1. Here’s what some of the children had to say about their day in Year 1…


”I love Year 1, in Year 1 I will share with my friends and be kind.” Badne.

”In Year 1 I will be a superstar.” Rafay.

”I will share with all my friends in Year 1.” Noor.

”I like Year 1. I had fun with my friends.” Ferrari.


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  1. Mrs Roberts

    Wonderful news to hear you had a super visiting day with Miss Addie and Mre Mattu in Year1. Keep listening and learning so you can continue to be super stars in September when you move into Year1. I am so proud of you all x

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