Reception Blue Wow! Homework has arrived.

Here are our first junk models and they are truly wow!


5 responses to “Reception Blue Wow! Homework has arrived.”

  1. Mr Harwood

    Awesome shape work Reception Blue. You are Super Heroes!

  2. Adam Bashir

    my car is blue

  3. Miss Bhandal

    Hello Reception Blue! I had a wonderful morning working in your classroom today, so first I’d like to say “Thank you”. Secondly, a huge well done to the children who made these shape models. You’re so creative, great job!
    Miss Bhandal :)

  4. Rudaba Wajid

    Well done this is very good you are very creative.Mr Harwood would be very proud and I am proud too. This is very good and brilliant. I can not believe you four children can do it and think of it. It is AMAZING.

  5. Head Teacher

    Loving the care and the detail. Well done parents and children!

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