Reception Class Messages & Zoom Call

Hello Reception Blue

Mrs Dahil and Miss Tift are missing you all and looking forward to seeing back on Monday 8th March.

Have a look at video below of all the fantastic messages that you have all sent to each other. If you haven’t sent a message please leave a comment on the blog for your friends.

There will be a final call today at 12.30 pm and we look forward to seeing you all.


Your name MUST be set as your own first name. This is to keep everybody safe so Mrs Dahil knows who she is admitting into the chat. If your camera is not on, you will be moved back into the waiting room.

Please use the link below:

Meeting ID: 756 517 3306

The passcode is Mrs Dahil’s class colour. It is a 4 letter word with no capital letters. If you are unsure, please email the

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