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Reception Easter Break Activities

Hello My Reception Super Stars!

I hope you are enjoying your Easter Break.

If you would like something to do at home, I have set three learning activities to keep you busy over the break (optional).

Activity 1

Education City Learning (Just click on the icon and enter your login details): Play Live Addition, Bongo Beats and Jack In the Box.

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Activity 2

Have a go at completing the Math’s Challenges below, respond by commenting via the blog.

Activity 3

Learn to read and write the Red words below:

Have Fun!


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  1. Aqsa has finished her schooling city education game, and has additionally finished her maths challenge
    Maths challenge
    3 blossoms,
    Box A
    A will be a square
    C is the coordinating with shape
    An is the more drawn out worm
    C is 5p
    3Yellow stars 4 blue stars
    Line A has 11 stars
    She will finish her proficiency tomorrow

  2. Tala has done Activity 1
    And Maths challenge
    1/ 3 flowers.
    2/ box A has more apples .
    3/ is A
    4/ is C
    5/ A is longest.
    6/ is C
    7/ Is red .
    8/ Is 3 yellow and 4 blue.
    9/ Is A

  3. 1 3 flowers
    2 5 apples 🍎 in box A
    3 A is a square
    4 c shape is same
    5 A is longer worm 🐛
    6 c is 5p
    7 red
    8 3 yellow stars 4 blue stars 🌟
    Row A has 11 stars 🌟 pick colour

  4. Haris complete his tasks on education city.
    maths challenge:
    1. 3 flowers
    2. a has more apples
    3. a is square
    4. a and c are same
    5. a is longest
    6. c is 5p
    7. red colour square is in the middle
    8. blue stars

  5. Iqra has completed her educational city work.
    1. 3 Flowers.
    2. More apples in A.
    3. A shape is a square.
    4. C shape is the same.
    5. A is the longest worm.
    6. C is worth 5p.
    7. Red square is in the middle.
    8. Blue stars.
    9.A show with 11 stars.

  6. Huzaifa has completed his education city work.

    For the Maths chellenge, he answered the following questions.

    1) 3 Flowers
    2) Box A has more apples.
    3) A is the square.
    4) C is the same as the triangle.
    5) A is the longest worm.
    6) C is 5p.
    7)Red square is in the middle.
    8) There are less yellow stars.
    9) The pink stars.


    Huzaifa read and write most of the Red words. He was finding hard to read “your” and “said” words for the first time but when he practiced then he told me straight away.

  7. Mustafa completed his educational city work.

    Maths – he answered all the questions correctly apart from question 7, “which one is in the middle?” He did not understand that concept.

    Literacy – Mustafa read most the words apart from “my” and “your”.


  8. Maths challenge
    3 flowers
    A box got more apples
    A is square that’s in green colour
    C is same like triangle
    Jasmine finished her education city and maths challenge or red words as well

  9. Bilal did the Maths challenge Here are his answers below:
    3 flowers
    A. Has more apples in it.
    A. Is the square shape. the same as the triangle
    A. Is the longest worm.
    C. Is 5p.
    Red square.
    Yellow stars are less.
    The pink stars.

  10. Huzaifah has completed activity 1
    Activity 2
    1. 3 flowers
    2. Box A
    3. 3A
    4. 4C
    5. 5A
    6. 6C
    7. Red
    8. Yellow stars
    9. 9A
    Huzaifah has completed activity 3

  11. Aurora has completed her education city additions game, and has also completed her maths challenge
    Maths challenge

    3 flowers,
    Box A
    A is a square
    C is the matching shape
    A is the longer worm
    C is 5p
    3Yellow stars 4 blue stars
    Row A has 11 stars

    She will complete her literacy tomorrow