Reception Enjoy World Day Book – A Day at the Beach

We have had a fun packed day for World Book Day, starting with making our passports to travel around the classrooms. We looked at how we travel to get to the seaside, spent time playing in the sand and visited Mr Harwood’s cafe for a snack.

A lady from the library came to read ‘Winnie the Witch at the Seaside’, we then  finished the day off with a cold drink or a freeze pop.

Tell me what you enjoyed most about the day.

What can you tell me about the story?

What did you eat in the cafe?

Who made a sandcastle in Mrs Maher’s class and how did you do it?

9 thoughts on “Reception Enjoy World Day Book – A Day at the Beach

  1. I enjoyed making the passports and the sand castles.
    The story is about an ordinary witch going to the sea side and a lots of fun. I drank freezer pops in Mr Harwoods cafe.
    I made a sand castle and I filled my bucket then put it upside down and the castle was made.

  2. A fantastic experience for all the Reception children. I wish I was going to the beach!
    Children can you use your magic wands and make a beach appear in the Reception playground?

  3. I enjoyed today because I wore my own clothes,
    The story was about Winnie the witch goes to the seaside,
    I had a lovely ice lolly in the café,
    All the children made sand castles with buckets and spades,

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