11 thoughts on “Reception have an adventure.

  1. My favourite duck was the swam because of its long neck also its beck.
    The difference between the malad boy and girl small neck however the boy had a larger neck.

    • Also the difference between the boy and girl malad was their different colours ad their skin that was that the boy malad was more vibrant then the dull girl malad.

  2. My favourite bird is the beautiful white swan.
    A girl mallard is brown and a boy mallard is colourful.
    I liked playing in the park it was so much fun.

  3. My favourite is the swan because it has a long neck and its a nice colour of black and white.
    A boy mallard is colourful a girl mallard is just brown.

  4. This is so cool – I wish I could have come with you it looked great fun.
    Was Mr Harwood that noisy all the time?
    Well done everyone
    Mrs Temple x

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