Reception Home Learning 24.6.21 Expressive Art and Design (EAD)

Hello Reception!

This term our Topic is Journeys. Today we are thinking about cars that were used to make journeys in the past.

Watch the mini lesson to find out about your learning for today.

Please upload pictures or videos of your car models using the links below and remember to leave a comment on the blog when you have completed the activity.

Reception Red click here


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    • Huzaifah you have been very busy making car models using lego. I can see the different models from different times.

      Name some features of a car?

      Super Star!

    • Well done Zakariyah. Sadly I havent receive a picture of your car. Can you please resend it. I look forward to seeing pictures of your car.

  1. Huzaifa has made his racing car from the past using the different colours play dough. He also cut out the wheels and windscreen from a black card paper.

    I am having problems to upload Huzaifa’s work as it says access denied.

    • Wow, your car from the past is amazing – well done! How do you know your car is from the past – what features does it have or not have? 🙂

    • Well done your car from the past was fantastic – you chose appropriate colours for each part of the truck. What features make your creation a car from the past? 🙂

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