Reception Home Learning – Basic Skills 06.01.20

Morning Everyone

This morning I would like you to practise your handwriting remembering to form the letters from the line and attempting to write neatly.

Firstly, I would like you to look at the flip and the video below to see how you should be forming your letters.

Please complete the activities below in your Homework Book using a pencil and attempting to write from the line.

Activity 1: Practise writing the letters m, a, s, t. Write each letter on a separate line forming the letter at least six times.

Activity 2: Write your first and last name attempting to write from the line.

Send pictures of your handwriting to: and comment on the blog to say that you have completed the learning.


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    • Warizah is in red group but she is more than welcome to challenge herself by attempting another groups activity after she has completed her set task.

    • Super work Dominik. Your handwriting looks lovely and I can see you have been practicing very hard. Now have a go at writing the words ‘the’ ‘and’ using your wonderful formation..