Reception Home Learning – Literacy (06.01.21)

Hello Reception Superstars!

The story of the week is the ‘The Gruffalo’. I would firstly like you to listen to the story and then watch the learning flip below:
Here are some words to help you write about the Gruffalo.

Learning Activity: Draw a picture of the Gruffalo and write about it as instructed in the learning video.

Please send a picture of your completed learning to and comment on the blog to say that you have completed your learning.


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    • Great drawing of a Gruffalo! You were able to think of some great words to describe him. Can you write a sentence using one of them?

    • Lovely drawing of the Gruffalo! Can you think of any more words to describe your Gruffalo? Whats that on his nose? what colour is he?

    • You have worked hard today Huzaifa! Your gruffalo is super and you have written a great sentence about his orange eyes using cursive writing. Well done! πŸ‘

    • Wow! You drew a fantastic picture of the Gruffalo! Have a go at writing the sentence without any help. I want you to use your phonics knowledge to spell out the words.

    • Well done, your work is fantastic – we are very proud of you! To secure Jasmine in her writing, please make sure she is using phonics to spell. e.g. knees – sound it out ‘n’ ‘ee’ ‘s’ = nees. At reception stage, we would expect the children to spell incorrectly, and then we show the children after they have had a turn independently. e.g. Knees has a silent ‘k’ sound.
      Well done for completing your home learning and I hope you find the feedback helpful. :D

    • Super work Aryan! To further his learning, please encourage Aryan to talk about the picture and try to write the initial sound e.g. “He has knees” and he would recognise ‘knees’ as beginning with ‘n’ and then write ‘n’. I hope this feedback helps. Well done and thank you for completing his home learning. :D

    • Well done Aryan. You have labelled your gruffalo with some good describing words. I wonder if you could write a sentence using one of them?

    • Well done Adam! You have tried hard with your letter formation and you have described the gruffalo’s eyes and teeth. Remember to leave a finger space between your words.

    • Well done Amelia. It is fantastic that you challenged yourself to write a long sentence. I love your sentence about the gruffalo’s big belly! You are trying really hard to form your letters correctly as well. Superstar! Remember to keep the letters on the lines.

    • This is a great description of the Gruffalo. Have a go at writing a sentence without any help. I will be looking at how you are using your phonics knowledge to write words.