Reception – Coventry Week – Maths 16/07/20

Hi Reception! I hope you are enjoying this week’s learning.

Today, you will be learning how to record data using a tally chart. I have uploaded a flip chart below, discuss what you see with your amazing parent/ adult. After that, complete the task 😁

For your task, I would like you to observe the different transports that pass on your road.
Which mode of transport is the most popular? Which is the least popular?

Let us know how you get on 😀


  1. My count is as follows :
    1. Cars:30
    2. Trucks :4
    3. Vans:3
    4. Taxis:5
    5. Cycles:4
    8. Aeroplane :0
    Cars are the most popular vehicle and the least I can see is a motor bike and an aeroplane.

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