Reception Home learning: Maths (18.06.2021)

Welcome to our shape, space and measures blog!

We are continuing with our transport theme and exploring shapes in transport.


Let’s sing the names of 2D and 3D shapes…

2D shape song

What 2D shapes can you see in the pictures?

Watch the Mrs Maker Video below and use a range of different objects in your house to draw around to make your own transport. Name and label the the different 2D shapes.


Please complete the task below and send us a video of your child talking about their picture using the keywords.


Please send your videos and photos to the links below:

Reception Red

Reception Blue

Reception White


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  1. Kayla can see a triangle, a square, a circle and a rectangle in the pictures. She has drawn and labeled a picture of a train using 2d shape objects found in the house and she has described the shapes in the picture.

  2. Waniya has done the shapes and 2D shapes which i have already sent .
    Waniya said she can see 2 spheres on the bike .
    Circle Triangle Squares and Rectangles.
    waniya said ;
    circles have one side.
    triangles has three sides and corners.
    rectangles four sides , at the top and bottom are long and the right and left sides are short.
    squares four sides and four corners.

  3. Huzaifa has done the bronze and silver activities.

    In shapes transport I can see triangles, squares, circles, rectangles and a oval in a airship.


    Squares, circles, rectangles, triangles.

    Huzaifa said
    circle has 1 side only
    squares has 4 sides and 4 corners.
    triangles has 3 sides and 3 corners.
    rectangles has 4 sides 2 long and 2 short and 4 corners.

    Challenge 3D shapes.

    Cylinder (soda can, water bottles)
    Cone (ice cream, party hat, fennel)
    Sphere (balls)
    Cube ( boxes)

  4. Réyn has been drawing around candle holders. One is round with no sides or corners. An the other is square with 4 sides an 4 corners 😊

  5. 2D shapes
    Triangle – boat
    Square – bus and train
    Circle – car and bicycle
    Rectangle- lorry and bus
    I have uploaded Huzaifah’s work