Reception Home Learning: Maths (22.06.21)

Let’s warm up our brains…

Today, we are going to be extending our knowledge of subtraction by reading a number sentence, understanding what it means and drawing a picture to represent the number sentence. Watch the video to find out more…

Bronze: use toys to solve the subtraction sentences.

Silver: read the number sentences and solve it using the circle method (like Mrs Carter but without the number line).

Gold: read the number sentences, solve them using the circles and check they are correct using number line (exactly like Mrs Carter)!

Please upload your work to:

Reception Red

Reception Blue

Reception White


    • A good effort to solve the subtraction questions. Try and use objects to help you take away so that you can what happens to the amount that your start with.

      Well done

    • Khadija I enjoyed watching your math’s videos.

      You tried very hard to solve the sums.

      Now write your numbers to 20 and upload via your class link.

  1. Roshaan has tried his best to do the work. Unfortunately, both working parents could not help for hours work. We would really appreciate of some online learning. Thanks

    • Thank you for informing us and we will try and support you in the best way that we can.

      I can see that Roshaan tried very hard to form his letters and that you are trying your best.

  2. Huzaifa has done the gold activity. Pictures has been sent. He also answered the challenge questions so he said there are 5 cars, 3 cars are showing in the picture so he said 5 – 3 = 2 so 2 cars are under the hand.

    • Great work Huzaifah! I can see you have drawn circles and used a number line to help you. Well done for doing the reasoning challenge too. Which method did you use to help you?

    • Super work Ahsan. I can see that you used circles and a number-line to help you. See if you can use these methods to complete the reasoning challenge.👍

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